The Graco name has been around a long time, and when you think Graco Toys, you may think of the:

Baby Einstein Discover and Play Activity Center

This is basically a safe seat for your baby with lots of different toy attachments to stimulate your them and to play with. One of the attachments that many babies love, is the electronic animated animal sound attachment. From many other reviews of Toys this  Baby Einstein Play Center, it is the animated animal sounds that seems to keep many babies happy, and thereby giving many new moms a much needed break!


Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition, Neighborhood Friends
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(price as of Mar 26, 2016)
Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker, Ocean Explorer
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(price as of Mar 26, 2016)

These Toys are known for quality and the Einstein Discovery Center features 9 different toys so that your child doesn't get bored, and 3 different height adjustments with a washable seat, plus the seat also swivels, and your little one is basically surrounded by things to do.

Many parents find their babies, are happy and stimulated by all the different textures, and toys, and button activated sounds, that keep their babies happy and entertained! There are animal sounds as well as verbal sounds, even in different languages. This product discover center, is recommended for babies weighing in at 5.5 to 30 pounds who are not able to walk on their own yet.

This Toy, does not move, it is stationary. The sounds included with this Activity center, include words in different languages, animal sounds and of course music.

The only con to this Toy, is that it does not fold away for storage. But if you can leave it set up, and you have the room, then this toy makes a great addition to your house for your baby.

Place it, where you can see it, and you can do other things while still keeping a watchful eye on your tot. This is a great toy, for entertaining your child and stimulating their senses. Babies never seem to tire of this experience! You can play with them too while using this great toy.

The fact that everything is washable, is a big plus, and this is a quality built Toy. You can purchase these online, with sites such as Amazon, Ebay and the Graco website itself. You can also buy these at your local name brand toy store, that sells Toys and products.

Check Online

If you receive any Graco toys second hand, or you pick one up second hand, you can always check the Graco website for any updates, or recalls for your particular model of the Baby Einstein Activity Center. You will just need to check the white label under your toys for the model number and serial number and date it was made, and then submit them in the site, and any information with regards to your product will be available.

You can also get an instruction book or manual sent to you, if you did not receive one with your Graco Toy.