The Graco Pack and Play, is another great toy for your baby. Graco toys have been around for a long time, but this particular model is great fun and will entertain your baby for a long time, while in his own little space.

If you are wondering just what this is and how it will benefit you, it is a basic playpen that has four mesh sides, and a full bottom to this pen. There are a few styles and colors of this model but essentially it offers a toy of some kind on each side of the play pen. These toys will squeak, or rattle, and some will crinkle and squish. 

This play pen, offers 10 square feet of play area, in lots of fun colors and bright activities to keep your baby intrigued!

This is a great play pen, full of fun and activity.


Graco Pack 'n Play On The Go Playard, Go Green
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(price as of Mar 26, 2016)


There is one or two cons to this particular style of play pen, and that is, if you are wanting to use this playpen for nap time, then there may be too much stimulus for your baby to go to sleep.  Way to many things for him to do!

In other reviews, one parent commented that her baby did not have full view of the room, which upset her baby.

This model, does take up space in a room.


There are a couple of other styles, one is bright red and the other is a pastel color, and these particular models don't have toys on the sides, so if you don't want distractions at nap time, or the view blocked then you could choose these styles or models.

But if you like the idea of your baby having something to do while in the play pen, then this will work, with toys on all sides of this playpen would be the right one for you.

Graco toys, offer different models and colors of their playpen. These playpens, especially this model does have 10 square feet of play area, and although this takes up room in your house, it is easy to take down and set up, especially in the evening when you have put your little one to bed and you don't want to be staring at baby toys, or if you have guests over.

Graco toys, and activity centers, are great for your baby to stimulate and to entertain them. You can purchase these brand on line, with such sites as Amazon, Ebay and many toy stores that are now online. If you have a favorite toy store, you can check to see if they have a online store. Many have free shipping. Worth checking.

Or shopping in person, at your local toy store is another way to see the different models.

If you receive this product or any Graco toys, second hand, you can look for the identity label underneath the playpen for the model, serial number and date it was made. Then you can head to the Graco website, and there is a place to submit your model number, and you can find out if there are any recalls for your product, or any instruction manuals or owners manuals, that you could get for your Graco products.