If you are interested in becoming an administrative assistant you will find that there are many programs that you can enrol in when you live in Canada.  Unfortunately, many people who want to take administrative courses have jobs or family commitments and are not able to commit to the hours of the class and still be able to keep their jobs.  Education can be a challenge for those who find it necessary to work while they are in school but online education programs in Canada can help you do this.

Advantages of Online Education in Canada

People who want to obtain a degree in Canada while continuing to work have more choice these days than in the past. Online education makes it easy to study online, take course, and interact with other students.

Some of the advantages on online programs include:

  • Study materials are available whenever you need them
  • Easy contact with course instructors
  • Assignments readily available
  • Progress at your own pace
  • Study when it is convenient to you
  • Class materials are easy portable and be used where ever you have access to a computer
  • A variety of features make it easy for you to use the ones that benefit you most

Those who have taken online course in Canada know that for busy people, this is one of the best ways to complete your education and still have the time you need to work and to spend with family.

Administrative Courses Online

What can you expect from an administrative assistant course online, other than the usual advantages of online education?  Well, you can expect to find all the same materials that you would find in a class where you have to go to a physical location each day at certain times.

You will be learning how to use programs like Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.  Study materials will likely come in the form of slides that you can view on the web site.  You may have access to audio lectures and you will be able to ask the instructor questions when you need to.  You will also have access to a typing program online that will help you learn the proper positioning of your hands and it will give you exercises that are designed to increase your typing speed.

Business Communication, Customer Service, and Administrative Procedures are other classes that are likely to be included in your online administrative assistant course.  Not only will you complete exercises to be graded by an instructor, but you will also find practice tests and quizzes that will help you learn the material in preparation for your tests.

There may be other courses included in your online admin assistant course and they will have similar options that will make it easier for you to use.  Any textbooks that are needed for the course are usually mailed out to you.  Some online programs even have a computer program where they mail out a computer or laptop.  At some schools you may get the keep the computer or laptop and have the cost of it absorbed into your tuition. In other schools you may be asked to return it when you are done the class or you may be given the option of buying it after you are done.