Graduation invitations are available in a plentiful supply for you to buy. Yu can easily go to a local store and pick out the one that is the best for you and your graduate. Indeed it is not too hard to find one that you like, particularly if you are in the mainstream of arranging graduation invitations for a High School graduate. Since the vast majority of graduation invitations are for High School or college graduations there will be a huge range to choose from. Even if you are preparing graduation invitations for the graduate of a different kind of educational institution the ones available in the stores will certainly give you ideas for your own circumstances. Indeed there is nothing that says a further education graduate cannot have graduation invitations that look exactly like the High School ones. However it is true that you may need to consider alternative sources for these non High School, or college, graduates. For that and also perhaps budgeting reasons you may consider creating your own graduation invitations.

If you are creating your own graduation invitations you might like to consider alternatives available to you and how they might work. For example you could consider creating craft type graduation invitations or using your computer to create invites. Clearly with the craft type approach you can create wonderful multi layered graduation invites with colourful paper, hand drawn designs, design features made with stamps, add stickers, the graduate's photo and use beautiful hand writing to round it off. If you are skilled in artwork you will be able to make beautiful designs. One example could be to use scrapbook paper for the outer cover which has the graduate's photo and some wording on the front cover. Inside there would be the invite details written onto the inner sheet of paper which could be invitation paper, for example. The right person can really make these invites beautiful. The thing to remember here is the time it takes t produce them, particularly if you have a lot of guests. This would form a truly unique keepsake for you and your guests.

Another way of creating graduation invitations is on your PC using a graphics package and Word. Before setting out to do this relatively simple job you should have your design in mind first. The easiest way to discuss this is to go through a very simple example. Let's say you are arranging graduation invitations to a small family only graduation party. The design has a photo of the graduate at the top, a graduation scroll underneath and beneath that your wording. There may be some color in the design but in this case assume the color comes from the paper you use. The main images are the photo and the graduation scroll. You can best introduce them by using clipart. Convert your graduation photo to clipart and find a graduation scroll clipart that you love, then download it to your PC. From there you can open the clipart in your graphics package and size, position and color them as required. Finalise the design and copy to Word to add the wording. Within a few minutes you will have the graduation invitations you need.

There is a lot to be said for making your own invitations. Whichever route you choose, your guests will love the effort you have made.