It's That Time of Year!!!

Every future graduate anticipates graduation day and everyone wants to make that time of year special for them. Anyone that's ever put together or hosted a party knows it can be a challenge but, it doesn't have to be. With these tips and determination you'll be on your way to making the most memorable graduation party ever!

Choosing A Location

The first step to planning the best graduation party is choosing a location, and choose wisely. You want to make the location a good and memorable one. A few locations you can consider are: 

  • Restaurants
  • The beach
  • A park
  • Hotel
  • Banquet halls                                                                                 
  • Church
  • Country Club
  • Yacht

Or simply....

  • Your house

Whatever you decide make it count. Remember location is first. 


In order to have special moments and memories you need the most special people there. If you've spent your whole budget on the location don't worry; there are other ways you can get the word out.

  • Buy them cheap Dollar stores usually sell cards that you can personalize for reasonable prices.
  • Call- Personally invite people verbally. It may not be as memorable as a card but at least they're getting the memo.
  • Make your own- Be creative and make your own invitations. With today's technology you don't have to sit down and manually make invitations by hand, although that would make them even more special, you can create cards with the programs on your computer.

Do what you think is the best way to get your guests to the party. You can never be too creative.


Food! Food! Food!

It just isn't a party without food! You don't have to get fancy; just keep it simple. If you do decide to make a reservation at a restaurant make sure you ask what specials they have for the night or if they have special group orders; that way your guests don't have to pay too much for their meals. If you're not a restaurant you could cook the typical hotdogs and hamburgers, but if you're not into that you could prepare finger foods. They are really easy to make and don't cause you much of a mess. 

A buffet sounds like an even better idea. Fill your table with all the most favorite and delicious foods. Spice it up and get crazy! But don't get psychotic! In the end have fun!

Decorations and Entertainment

Decorations are what bring life to your location. Find cute little things at your local dollar store or make your own decorations. Pick a theme for your graduation that way it will be easy to find decorations and it will be easy deciding what type of activities you will do. If you have a beach theme you can spend the day playing some beach volleyball or if your theme is hollywood, you can plan for everyone to enjoy popcorn and a movie. Whatever you decide make it count and make it special. In the end it doesn't really matter what location, decorations, or food you have but, what matters is that you have your closest friends and family to help celebrate a special moment in your life.