Graduation day is one of the most important days in one's life. It is a once-in-a-lifetime event that will be remembered just about forever. On this day, you will feel all sorts of emotions. You will be relieved that you finished studying, nervous about the future, excited about being a graduate, sad about leaving school and friends, and just about every other emotion in the spectrum. Before this emotionally-charged day, you will probably be preparing for it. Here are some graduation tips for those interested in making the most of that special day.

You will most likely be preparing your clothes to wear on graduation day. First on our graduation tips list is to avoid going overboard with clothes, and especially hair and makeup. This applies to yearbook picture-taking too, unless you intentionally overdo it to express your personality. On graduation day, you will most likely be wearing togas and mortarboard caps anyway, so it is impractical for ladies to wear excessive dresses and fix up hair in piled-up hairdos. Heavy makeup is also a no-go, since it will come out weird in photographs and look garish up on stage. If you want to look good on graduation day, choose sensible clothes, makeup, and hairstyles that are easy to maintain and comfortable for long periods of time.

Another reason to avoid wearing anything over-the-top is so that you can save it for the after-party. When the ceremony concludes, you can go home first to change and then go have fun. For those who will not be going home before the revelries, it is even more important to wear comfortable clothes to the ceremony, so they can enjoy afterwards. Shoes are of particular note here. Ladies should skip the stiletto heels for later, while the guys may want shoes more comfortable than the leather ones for the ceremonies.

You might go celebrate with your friends or family afterwards, but either way it pays to plan ahead. A graduation limo for you and your family or friends will remain to be a perfect idea. Renting one would not really ruin your budget; it would instead prove to be something that everyone would remember about your graduation day. Next, Know where you want to eat and have fun, so you can spend less time on the day deciding where to celebrate and spend more time actually celebrating. For those who will be going out on the town with friends, this becomes doubly important. Include plans to get everyone to their respective homes after the partying.

Probably the most important among these graduation tips is this: do not do anything exceeding reasonable limits. That means do not do anything that you might regret later on. No drugs, no driving under the influence, avoid getting wasted, and so on and so forth. As graduates you should be reasonable adults and thus be able to control yourselves. Plus it would really bite to end up in jail or with the worst ever hangover or possibly even both. Not to mention, you could end up hurt or worse if you happen to be involved in an accident. Watch out for yourself, but also watch out for others.

With all these graduation tips, you should not think that you can't have fun on graduation day or parties around that time. Just remember to keep in line and keep "fun" in moderation and you'll be fine.