2012 Grammy Awards

Grammy Show

The Grammy Awards Show 2012

 The Grammy Awards 2012 was without a doubt an emotional one giving the recent death of a beloved singer, Whitney Houston. The awards show was hosted by the talented rapper, LL Cool J. This year’s host started the show with a prayer for Whitney Houston’s family and loved ones.

Throughout the show, fellow artists were paying tribute to her as a singer, actress, and friend. While Whitney Houston’s death certainly put somewhat of a somber tone around the awards show, It was pleasing to see that the show stayed upbeat and had some amazing performances by Nikki Minaj, Chris Brown, Rihanna and Coldpay, and a few performances from classic performers such as The Beach Boys, Glen Campbell, and Paul McCartney. Nikki Minaj put on a stellar and unforgettable performance reflecting her alter ego, Roman. Chris Brown gave two performances which his first performance was highlighted more of his dancing skills rather than his singing skills.

  Nevertheless, after his first performance, he got a small standing ovation. It was an assurance from his fellow entertainers that he is still recognized as a top entertainer, giving his domestic violence episode against former girlfriend, Rihanna. This particular awards show also marked the first time he and Rihanna performed at the same event since the attack (she sang solo and with Coldplay during the ceremony).  Bruno Mars put on an awesome “Doo Wop” performance that was well received by the audience.

  Towards the middle of the show, there was another “remembrance” moment for Whitney Houston when Jennifer Hudson took the stage and sung the classis and popular song “I will always love you”. It was evident during this performance; Jennifer Hudson was holding back tears as she performed this emotional song. Lady Gaga was also in attendance wearing her signature “mesh over the face” headwear. She was a nominee but was not awarded for anything this year (tabloids may dub her as the Grammy’s Worst Dressed”.  Bon Iver was awarded “Best New Singer”, beating out Nikki Minaj, Skrillex, J. Cole, and The Band Perry. Surprisingly enough, Nikki Minaj did not win any awards at all. It was rumored she would rake in at least one Grammy award, giving that she had several chart topping songs since her career as a singer, began.

With all awards shows there is always that one entertainer that steals the entire show. This year that artist was Adele; she won six awards including the most prestigious award for “Album of the year”. She also gave an unforgettable performance of her hit song, “Rolling in the deep”. With her being out of the game for some time due to her Vocal Chord surgery.  A few other awards she won included, Trifecta of Record and Song of the year.

  As always, The Grammy awards put on another stellar show and the performances were spectacular. Unfortunately, this show had to follow the death of a beloved singer, songwriter, actress, and beautiful Diva, Whitney Houston. Whitney, we will always love you.