If you are vacationing to Las Vegas then you should schedule a day to go see the Grand Canyon. There is a multitude of ways that you can go seethis wonder, but a guided bus trip is often the easiest and most inexpensive way to go there from Vegas.

Renting a car simple to drive to the Canyon can get expensive. Unless you already have a car or a rental car, then I highly suggest booking a day trip to see the Grand Canyon. There are many tour companies in Las Vegas that arrange for bus trips to the Grand Canyon, but one of the more popular companies is Las Vegas Grand Canyon Tours.

South Rim of the Grand CanyonLas Vegas Grand Canyon tours offer some of the cheapest tickets, yet you still have the same features as you would by booking with a more expensive company. Their ever popular Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour is only $79. If you stay in town glued to a video keno machine you may spend much more than that, so budget wisely and save your money by spending a day trip to the great canyon. This tour costs only $79, and it even includes your lunch.

The tour starts alreadywhen you are picked up in the morning at the Hotel. You will board the comfortable air-conditioned bus and drive out of Las Vegas. You will see Hoover Dam as you drive ride over the Hoover Dam bypass. Your first stop will be in Kingman Arizona.

You will have beautiful desert scenery to view as you drive onto Tusayan, Arizona. In Tusayan the tour will stop so you can have lunch. The price of this lunch is included with the tour package. There is no additional charge for your lunch.

Grand CanyonAfter lunch the tour will continue. The bus tour will stop at a visitor's center so you can learn more about the Canyon. One of the common myths associated with this tour is that you only visit one place. This tour is only for the South Rim, however, the bus stops at several different places where you can get out and take pictures of all the magnificent views.

You will also get a chance to buy some overpriced Indian souvenirs, as well as stopping at a few other places. You will get a short break in Kingman, Arizona and then ride back to the Hotel in Las Vegas.

For these $79 you get a full day of fun. The Canyon is an awesome spectacle, and receives many repeat visitors each year. In addition to seeing the awesome scenery and learning some Native American history you will also meet a lot of nice people.

The other passengers on the bus tour will make your travel even more enjoyable as you help each other out to spot cool things. The conversations and friendships formed often lead to new friends. It is very common for these new friends to meet up with you again over the next few days as you tour and experience Las Vegas together.

The $79.00 for this bus tour is truly a bargain. If you stay in Vegas for the day you could easily spend much more than that. A Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour is a great way to spend a day when you are vacationing in Las Vegas, Nevada. Image Credits: (Picassa/Maaark) (Picassa/JimHoffman)