Planning a grand opening ceremony event to jump start your new business? With some good grand opening ceremony ideas, you can make it a successful event in two steps.

The first step is generating a buzz to encourage a large attendance at your event. An ad in a local Sunday newspaper is an effective and affordable form of advertising. Radio ads can reach a large audience and can also produce good results. Mailing/e-mailing invitations to your local target demographic gives potential customers a bit of personal attention. If you have an online property that gets a reasonable amount of traffic, it's a perfect medium for promoting your venue. You can visually attract the attention of by passers with eye-catching balloons, kites and streamers. Displaying big, brightly colored signs offering free food and entertainment can draw drive-by traffic. You might even consider hiring a sign holder to attract even more attention.

Step two is to create a festive atmosphere that will make people happy. People are not happy or even comfortable when they are hungry. Providing yummy treats that are not too cumbersome to walk around with is a great way to stave off hunger and keep guests happy. Try to provide an equal assortment of both snacks and desserts. You don't want to give your guests a sugar high. For a family friendly approach include activities, games and prizes for the kids. Set up an area for parents to take kids to watch and interact with a magician or balloon artist. Carnival style games such as a dunk tank are fun for all ages. Featuring your own mascot as a participant is sure to leave a lasting impression.

If possible, hold a ribbon cutting ceremony. People tend to enjoy watching a massive pair of ribbon cutting scissors tear through a bright red ribbon. You can opt to buy the scissors or simply rent them.

Your goal is to get people to come to the grand opening ceremony and enjoy themselves while they are there. Introduce your goods/services to future customers in a festive, positive environment that leaves them with a good feeling. Customers will associate the good feelings that come from this experience to being in your place of business. If you achieve this, you will have successfully given customers a reason to do business with you rather than your competition. Since a grand opening is one of the best opportunities to instill positive feelings in prospective customers, don't shy away from investing a considerable amount of money. It will pay for itself once your clients begin to flood it. A little sacrifice today can mean big rewards later on.