Who's The Frontman? Men?

Anyone who is a fan of any of the previous Grand Theft Auto games in the series knows the names of the main character in each. But in Grand Theft Auto 5, Rockstar has decided to change things up a bit. There is not one main playable character, but instead there are three. All of which however know and seemingly work with each other in their criminal acts. While the game focuses on three men the one who seems in the authority position is a man named Michael.


From what has been announced, Michael is a retired bank robber in his forties. He has two teenage kids, a son and a daughter, who are going to have a part in the storyline. Michael was given a break and was released from any punishment by making a deal with the FIB, and currently resides in the GTA version of Beverly Hills. But things are not as good as they seem for Michael. His wife has spent all of his money which in turn forces him to continue where he left off. In the gameplay you will be able to play as Michael, participating in missions that will mirror his old ways as a criminal, and bring his wealth back. His best friend and partner in crime Trevor will be by his side.


Trevor Phillips is Michael's old friend and partner. Before Michael is release by the FIB, Trevor and Michael performed criminal activities on a regular basis. It seems as though at some point they had a falling out. Now that Michael is in need of money, it is likely that Trevor and him team back up for another go at their old lives. Trevor is a wild man who does what he needs to, and more, to get what he wants. He is a pilot who live in a trailer park, running his part of the town. Also this psychotic character will not take any excuses from anyone, and he especially does not handle insults well at all. The player will also be able to play as Trevor when the game is released in the spring.. Be looking forward to flying high and being guilty of arson when controlling this mad man. The third of the trio however is a bit younger than the first two, and his name is Franklin.


Franklin is a young repo man working for a scamming car dealership. His job is to take the car back that the dealership had no intention of ever letting go. By his side is his rottweiler named Chop. This is very important because dogs have never been introduced in the Grand
Theft Auto series. Franklin takes Chop with him to repo cars, as a scare tactic or distraction. His relationship with Michael started by them doing a job together once. Now Michael has taken a liking to him and referred to him as "the son he never had". Former street thug Franklin will be the last playable character in the game. It is said that the player can choose when they wish to play as a certain character at any time. This is extremely useful during missions where you need to change characters.

Where is GTA5?

The City of Los Santos

Anyone who played Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas will know of the basic setting of the game. The universe will include everything from San Andreas, but there will also be much more. Rockstar has announced that GTA5 will contain the largest world that has ever been playable in any of the Grand Theft Auto games as of yet. The game will include a beach, open waters to swim in, mountains to climb, a city, as well as a countryside. The features in this game will surpass each one of the others in the series.


Never Before Seen

Grand Theft Auto 5 will feature many unseen and exciting things that will make playing this game a habit. The newest screenshots confirm that not only can you swim, but there will be sharks. Also a new picture shows a small manned submarine going underwater which means that underwater play will return from San Andreas. Also returning from San Andreas is the ability to ride bicycles. Airplanes are back, and it also appears that jets will be playable as well. It is unknown however if you can fly airplanes with any character, or if the character has to be Trevor for the feature to work. It is a huge breakthrough to finally have this ability back after its absence in GTA4.


Release and Pre-Order

Grand Theft Auto 5 does not yet have a release date, but it will come out sometime in the second quarter of 2013. However pre-ordering is already available for purchase. I already have mine preordered and I recommend anyone interested in getting this game to do the same. Every time there is a pre-order the store usually offers bonus content with the game, so you could be missing out if you do not buy it now. With this being not only the first GTA in 5 years, but what is rumored to be the very last you do not want to miss out on this. The graphics of the game have dramatically improved from GTA4 and features the biggest open world of any in the series. I hope you find this helpful, and if you are any bit the Grand Theft Auto fanboy, you will not be ale to resist getting your hands on this.