Red Rose

If you are about to become a Grandparent for the first time then you have something delightful coming your way, for a baby is coming into your home once more and it is going to be your pride and joy!

It's as if you have been given a second lease on life, for as your grandchild grows you will become firm pals and love each other to bits. You will find yourself looking for every visit, and to make a fuss over little treasure, and don't give a heck about the gusts of laughter coming from the kitchen as baby's mother and other members of your family giggle as you make silly faces and coo silly noises with baby.

And when your grandchild finds the power of voice and reaches up to seemingly more decibels than a rock star, you learn to be considerate and say to yourself he/she is only expressing feelings of 'I want it now and no waiting please'

And more joy is to come when nature, like an inborn clock, tells baby it is time to raise that behind in the air like a launch taking place at Kennedy Space station, and makes it all the way up onto those leg thingies for the first time.

Claps and cheers from all the family, and baby respond with a big grin at the success of standing up. Then before you know it he/she is off like a drunken old man tottering around the floor on this brave new voyage of discovery.

You suddenly find you are moving at a speed you have not done so for years as you leap into action to stop pumpkin from banging into furniture, falling over, and all the time talking gobbledegook and pulling faces as he/she tries to rewire your hi-fi set or pull a chunk out of your favourite aspidistra plant.

You know you have made it when baby is tired and wants you to take him/her in your arms and shush to sleep on your shoulder as you sit in your favourite armchair. The best bit to come is when you wake up with baby still asleep on your stomach and dribbling down your collar, and a proud mum shows you a photo taken on her cell phone with both of you in dreamland.

And more fun to come when baby is about 18 months old and able to speak a few words, for little treasure is quick to learn and will repeat words or short phrases quite often in a comical fashion.

When you are in your twilight years, being blessed with a grandchild is a wonderful gift, and it makes you feel great and looking forward to every new day on this Earth.

Baby talk...

I know you think I'm clever with the funny things I do, I

bang my spoon and clap my hands and wave goodbye to

you, and you look so silly as you try to make me coo.

The lovely soppy things you say and dafter things

you do: I know you think I'm speechless and my thoughts

I can't express, but all those baby sounds I make are not

just meaningless.

It isn't me that's dumb you know, but you that doesn't

understand; those little words I say in baby chat are plain

as plain can be to me as the back of my little hand.

For seven months and just a bit I've tried to make you

see how precious and dear you are to me, for you are

half the world to me and cheer me up when I'm cross and

although I don't think you will agree, I know that I'm

the boss!


Baby fingers cling to mine, toddlers loving arms entwine.

Starting school they grow up fast and childhood soon is

in the past. Then through their teens they go their way

not hearing what we say, but then at 22 they find that

Parents know a thing or two. So on to wedded bliss they

go, and I find I'm in demand again-to babysit and feel

once more, those loving arms just as before.

What is a grandchild?

What is a grandchild well you may ask?

It's a song in the heart, it's a Halloween mask,

it's an ache in the back and swings in the park,

it's crumbs on the floor and a cry in the dark.

It's kittens and tadpoles it's Lego and snap,

it's scissors and paste, a squirm in your lap.

It's a quivering lip and a hot clutching hand,

it's a stake in the future, the 'Hope' of our land.