Taking grandchildren to the arcades is quite enjoyable for all.   They have a shuttle board that I love to play with my grandchildren.  They love to play the basketball games and win the tickets.


I love to read to my grandchildren and to have them read to me.  It amazes me how good they are becoming at reading. 

Explain and show:

It is amazing how they are so articulate in explaining things to me.  I love when they ask me a question hoping that I do not know the answer.  Then they start explaining. 


One of my favorite grandparent things is to have my grandchildren write in a journal to me.  I love to respond and write back. Some of the things they tell me are amazing.  For example, my one grandchild said that we have a good family; he then went on to name each family member and tell how they were special to the family.   It never ceases to amaze me the things they discover.

Spelling Test

I enjoy giving my grandchildren spelling tests.  I also notice that they look forward to it.  I ask them to say the word, use it in a sentence, and then write it.  We tend to laugh a lot, because sometimes they will make sentences that do not make sense and will need to repeat it.


My one 6-year-old grandchild loves to sing and make up songs.  So I started recording him and writing the songs down.  I am keeping a folder of all the songs, for him to look at as he gets older. 

Photo Books

Our family is large and spread out all over the United States.  I love to take the many photo albums and show them to my grandchildren.   They are becoming familiar and can call many relatives my name. 

 Stories about their Parents

I love to tell them stories about when their parents were children.  They seem to really enjoy that.

 Uno Card Game

I enjoy playing Uno cards with my grandchildren.  They are good card players.  They always want to play teams.   They usually play the girls against the boys.  I enjoy watching the strategy they use when playing cards.   It is amazing.


Dancing is something that I grew up with in my family.  It was just a given  to dance.  I discovered at  age 4  a friend of mine could not dance. Knowing this gave me a feeling of devastation.   I could not understand why.   My grandchildren and I will turn the music on and just dance like crazy.  We all are doing our own thing.  In addition, they always ask me to video-tape it.  Then we watch the video-tape together.  They really enjoy watching how they looked while dancing.  Often they will put together an act and show it to me. I just love this, because I never know what they will come up with.  They are really into Michael Jackson.  So I see many Michael Jackson routines.


Recently one of my grandchildren has checked out a joke book.   He and the rest of my grandchildren know most of the jokes in the book by heart.  They love telling the jokes.  I love listening to them.    They love the jokes where they can ask me a question that I do not know the answer to.  I also have observed that they remember these jokes.   So I know this is a learning process for them.   They are able to remember with no problems whatsoever. 


I like that my grandchildren are observant, but then I believe most children are observant.  We were fishing one day and two of the fishermen had a dispute over the fishing spot and had a few negative words between them.  Although we were not close to them, we could hear the conversation.  After they had calmed down, my 6-year-old grandson looked at me and asked, “Don’t they know anything about sportsmanship?”  I just smiled. 


Layered slushCredit:,slush


I love slushes at any time, especially during the summer.  My grandchildren love them too.  Sometimes before walking in the park, we will just get a slush and as we walk in the park we will sip on our slushes.  They just love this and they never fail to let me know when they  are thirsty.


They love soccer and so do I.  This is a great physical sport.  I have always enjoyed various types of ball playing.  My grandchildren are good at soccer too.  They played soccer at their last birthday party.  All the children seemed to really enjoy it. 

Going to the Library

This is something that I started with my children very early.  Now I am enjoying it with my grandchildren.  They love to pick out their own books.  They even have their own library cards.  I believe it gives them a level of self-confidence when they can pick their very own books.   The library is also a very good place to go.  This is something that I enjoy.   We go often.   Did you know you can check out at least 100 books at the library?   I was just curious one day and asked.

Laying hands on Praying

I love to lay hands on my grandchildren’s foreheads and pray for them.   They have become so accustomed to it that before bedtime when they are over they sometimes ask, “Are you going to pray for us.”  Also we read story books before bedtime.  Now that they can read, they do some of the bedtime story reading to each other.   They really seem to enjoy that and so do I.


Catch a Wave Bouncy HouseCredit:, 11-5-2007, licensed creative commons attribution-share alike 3.0 Unported, J. Smith at en.wikipedia.

Bouncy Houses

I love to watch my grandchildren having fun in the bouncy houses.  You will usually see Bouncy houses at birthday parties, social community events, skating arenas, and some arcades have them.  You can also rent Bouncy Houses for birthday parties at your home.  Children never seem to get tired from Bouncy Houses.   In 1959 John Scurlock of Shreveport, Louisiana designed the  first inflatable structure.     


According to raising children they emphasize listening to your children when they want to talk.   I agree.   I realize that I learn a lot by just listening.  Usually when my grandchildren come over as soon as they come in the door, they have so much to tell me.   They share with me what they have learned.   I have also been over to their house when they come home from school.   The house is so quiet, but when they come in they are really hyped from what they have learned in school that day.  They want to share all that they have learned.   So these are my favorite grandparent things.  What are your  favorite parent or grand parenting things? [6025]