Looking for the perfect gift for grandma or grandpa? It can be hard to shop for senior citizens who have everything they need and aren't interested in more clutter. Here are five gift ideas --including ideas for new grandparent gifts--that are sure to be hits with grandparents.

1.Give the gift of time. Grandparents want to spend time with their families.

-Buy tickets to a special event for grandparents and grandkids only.

-Host an extended family movie night.

-Plan a special outing to a museum, tea house or local attraction where everyone can bond during a family adventure.

2.Family photos make great gifts for grandparents and there are several variations on this gift theme.

-Help grandparents organize the photos they've accumulated over the years. Present grandparents with photo albums or archival photo storage boxes and spend the day organizing. This gift will spark lots of informative walks down memory lane and create a family heirloom at the same time.

-Create a brag book with pictures of the grandkids' latest exploits. Small 4x6 photo albums are best for brag books on the go, but also consider a small flip album for the living room. Brag books are de rigeur new grandparent gifts.

-Arrange for a photo shoot at a professional studio with grandparents and the grandkids.

-Go digital with digital picture frames or a digital key chain, but be sure to upload photos in advance for less tech-savvy grandparents.

3.Games are fun grandparent gifts. Popcap Games conducted a survey and found that 95% of grandparents feel games provide significant bonding experiences. They also bridge conversation lulls caused by the generation gap and give everyone something to do. Choose from a plethora of board games, but don't leave out video games. The same survey found that grandparents and grandkids also enjoyed more high tech gaming.

4.Give gadgets. According to Logitech, a tech company, 58% of seniors are all about technology. Try a universal large button remote or splurge on aWii which has dozens of games geared toward seniors' interests.(Nursing homes even organize Wii game events for residents!) For active seniors, an ipod or mp3 player preloaded with their favorite music make great gifts for grandparents. Just be sure to include a magnifying glass so grandparents can read the instructions.

5.Food. A favorite treat or an assortment of jams are always a hit with grandparents. If grandparents have stopped cooking, making a favorite meal will be deeply appreciated. Just try to be aware of any special dietary requirements or limitations.