When granite first became popular there would be a lot of dark black versions paired with even heavier walnut colored cabinets. This led to an almost rustic or even claustrophobic feeling that easily became outdated. However, this is still a popular and upscale choice; we're just seeing it with different themes now instead of a modern or rustic look. White is a classic cabinet choice and granite has stayed popular for much longer than I thought it would at first. Here are some granite colors for white cabinets.

The Best Classic Combination

Popular Granite Colors
Credit: Chad McDermott Photo Xpress RF (http://www.photoxpress.com/photos-home-interior-house-4627337)

For an antique or off white cabinet go with more of a warm gold stone color. For a bright white and a classic look go with a black and white color palette that will still be stylish in several years

White Granite That Looks Like Marble

Marble would be my personal favorite countertop choice but it isn't that much cheaper than granite. Plus, I'm afraid of what would happen in the future if I tried to sell my house. (Well I guess first I would have to buy one). I have watched House Hunters way too many times to consider anything but granite for a countertop. I’ve seen a lot of home buyers come in and say "Oh, I like this countertop what is it?" Then the realtor replies that it's quartz and the house hunter says "Oh I really wanted granite, I'll have to rip it out" or it even becomes a reason not buy it.

So if I had a kitchen to remodel I would choose something that looked like marble but was actually granite. Spring White or Kasmir White may be close in color. However, it's more difficult to find the exact waves or veins in marble as granite uses a less uniform, scattered design with more color variation.

Gray Granite Countertops

This works well for almost any theme. Let the style of cabinet dictate the color of granite you choose and also the pattern. For a traditional kitchen with a shaker style cabinet go with a slab with lots of color variation and fleck. There can even be slight peach tones to it. You will want to mimic marble for a farmhouse kitchen design. For a modern kitchen you can use a light or dark gray choice when paired with a white cabinet. Make it cohesive with larger stainless pulls on the cabinets and a flat edge to the countertop instead of a beveled one.

Using Darker Stones

One color palette that I was initially unsure of was black granite countertops and white cabinets because it seems so harsh and like there would just be too much contrast. Personally. I would probably leave the lower bank of cabinets in a black or dark gray tone to work better with the granite. I just don't like contrast that much.

However, if you are ok with the contrast, make your kitchen slightly trendy. This is a classic color combination but it will work with any of the popular mosaic glass backsplash tiles. Even a dual shade chandelier with crystals and a sheer black shade makes a monochromatic scheme more interesting. White cabinets with granite countertops can be a way to refresh your cabinetry from a few years ago without having to get a new slab of stone!