Your choice of granite countertop colors depends on the theme and main colors of your kitchen. For example, if you have a mostly white kitchen, a gray granite color would work the best. Or if you have a tan-colored kitchen, a black countertop color complements this color well. When you add a nice colored granite countertop to a room, the room looks a lot better and it has a refreshed look to it. If you need assistance with choosing the right granite countertop color for a certain room, read some interior design magazines on this subject.

If the room has dark hardwood floors and dark colors, it’s best to choose a light color to balance out the darkness in the room. Some good light colors for granite countertops include white, light gray, beige and light red with hints of gray and white. With light-colored granite countertops, you should be careful not to place very hot cups or pots on the light-colored granite because this leaves ugly and visible stains. You should also avoid harsh cleaning supplies on light-colored granite. Another idea is to put a sealant on the light-colored granite.

Color combinations are great granite countertop colors. For example, you can purchase a countertop with a black-and-white combination if you have a mostly black kitchen or bathroom. A gray/white granite countertop works well with rooms that have a vintage or rustic theme. Red and gray are nice for kitchens with red brick walls or white brick walls in stucco homes. A light green and beige countertop looks nice in a bathroom setting, especially if it has a sea theme.

Since blue has a calming effect on people’s mood, you should look for a blue granite countertop if you’re tired of the usual gray, white and black countertops. Look specifically for blue countertops with hints of brown or teal in them because this adds flair to your home.

You can choose granite colors that match with a particular season but also would work all year round. For example, if you want a festive countertop for Christmas, choose a red and green countertop. Or if it’s springtime you can get a light green and tan granite countertop. These colors help you enjoy certain seasons and holidays in style.

If you’re getting a nice granite countertop for your daughter’s dresser, look into pink granite. Pink countertops are not too loud and they won’t overpower the overall look of her bedroom. And you can accessorize this countertop by adding a light purple table lamp or brass magazine rack. Pink granite countertops also add elegance to your daughter’s bedroom.

When you choose granite countertop colors, think about the style of your home because the granite countertops should be in line with the main colors of the home. If you have a Southwestern-style home, you would look for countertop colors that are in line with this theme. If you go to a granite company, bring pictures of your home and the room where the granite countertop will be so the clerk can offer suggestions. Also talk with friends about your ideas because they can give you recommendations. Don’t choose granite countertop colors that are too bold or too subtle.

When you choose granite countertop colors, you should think about the finish of the granite countertop. If your granite countertop has a flat finish, you should choose neutral colors such as light brown, green, beige or gray. But if you’re choosing a polished finish colors such as red, burgundy, pink and blue work well for a polished granite countertop. You don’t have to stick to these rules because your goal is to choose granite countertop colors that suit your preferences.

Also think about convenience when choosing granite countertop colors. If you’re not into cleaning the granite countertop frequently, a black or dark brown countertop won’t show a lot of stains and therefore you won’t have to maintain them as often. With light-colored granite countertops you’ll have to pay more attention to the dirt and stains that come on these countertops.

For those who have solid colored granite countertops, you can decorate them with small gemstones, multicolored coasters and wicker baskets with fruits or books. What I like to do is decorate my colored granite colored countertops with picture frames that have photos of myself when I was a child. Decorations add flair to the granite countertops as well as elegance.

Choosing granite countertop colors is all about your preferences and those of your family. Get creative when choosing granite countertop colors and don’t stick too much to the traditional granite countertop colors. When you go outside the design box with the countertop colors, the home looks more lively.

Because there are so many available granite countertop colors, you should look at interior decorating magazines and look at pictures of different colored granite countertops and see which ones fit your room the best. You can also send e-mails to the magazines regarding the use of various colors.

Experiment with different granite colors when you get a granite countertop. Ask the salesperson if he can recommend some granite colors for your home’s theme and bring photos of your home when looking for the different granite colors. Choose a granite color that’s beautiful to look at and that won’t look too harsh when the light shines on it.

It’s good to know that you no longer have to settle for the same solid granite countertop colors. You can now get color combinations for granite countertops and these colors match most homes’ themes. The color you choose for the countertop should refect your personality.

Make sure the granite countertop colors don’t match your home perfectly because you want to add an offbeat color to the room. For example, if you have a teal green bathroom, you don’t want to get a green and blue granite countertop because this will blend in too much with the bathroom’s colors. Or if you have a black granite countertop, you shouldn’t make wall color black.