Granny Nannies. This phrase is being heard more and more, and as the population ages, especially the baby boomers coming up, the need for in house care will be huge. I t already is, but now there are many baby boomers, that are retiring, that have saved some money, and they don't want to move. So, they are willing to pay for services, but sometimes these services can be hard to find.

Many "for hire" services such as "granny nannies" are fairly new, and are scrambling to get trained personnel. Many are imported, just like the nannies for childcare. Or many prefer to deal with seniors and are retraining for this program, switching from child care. Learning everything that is needed to know, when dealing with aging or sick seniors is a daunting task for any caregiver.

Many seniors, do not like the options that are out there right now. Assisted living senior apartments, or long term care facilities. Not only that, the waiting list can be huge for these services. There are just not enough of them. Plus, what if you as a senior, are not that sick? You just need a bit of help with the shopping or some personal care? Does this mean you have to go in a home? These granny nannies are a great way to help when you don't need care full time, just a bit of help. They will assess you, and you and your family (your family should be involved) can decide just how much care you need to be able to stay in your own home.


When my dad became ill with Multiple Sclerosis, many years ago, he tried to think ahead, about what would he do if he was left on his own with this debilitating disease and aging on top of that? It would make him very anxious, when he saw how hard my mom would try to make it work.

No matter what country you live in, the social services are usually stretched to the limit, and if home care workers are assigned to your care, you may only get someone for an hour a few days a week. He didn't need someone as highly qualified as a nurse or doctor, he just needed a bit of help getting going in the morning. His fear of falling was great and caused him great anxiety, because of this the doctor wanted him to go into longer term hospital care, which would have killed him emotionally, and would have forced them to sell their house.

My mom, who was quite fit, but much smaller than my dad, did not have the experience or expertise to get him out of bed or help him clean and dress for the day. We (the grown children) lived to far away, so, in come granny nannies.

Elder Care

This is a growing trend, and many nannies that were brought in for families with small children are retraining for this next wave of home care. Eldercare. There will be more and more elderly care jobs, as more and more of the baby boomers age. Many with enough money, will hire live in granny nannies. But for many seniors that may be incapacitated with diseases that stop them from being completely mobile, will only need part time care.

Finding someone to help with care that is trained in the eldercare was difficult for my dad, but we got lucky and found someone to help part time. He was able to stay at home and it gave my mom a break. Before finding this granny nanny, they were considering selling their house and moving into an assisted living apartment. But my dad loved his garden and backyard.

My mom was still able to care for the yard and the garden, and got a bit of extra help from family and friends, but it was the personal care that was hardest for her with my dad. Once he was up and going for the day, he had his walker and cane, and was fine, but the morning ritual was the worse.

By hiring a part time granny nanny, it did not destroy their finances, and as it turned out, he had some coverage on his extended medical benefits that he retired with. Now, not everyone is lucky enough to have these benefits, but even if the family chipped in to help with a part time granny nanny for their loved ones, it would not break the bank. Many charge 15.00 dollars per hour, depending on the level of expertise you need. He did not need huge care, just a helping hand.

Elder Care a Growing Need

Home care services are stretched to the limit, and this niche is opening up a new market for jobs and retraining. This was the best alternative for our family and the alternative of assisted living was going to cost a lot more, that was if you were not put on a waiting list!

As our seniors ages, there will be a need for more programs like this, as many of us are sandwiched between eldercare of our parents and teenagers at home. Many houses are now being built with "granny suites" so that the senior can still have independence, but a family close by to keep an eye on them. But if you are working full time, and your senior needs some extra help, then maybe consider researching "granny nannies". Yes, it will cost something, but will give you peace of mind.

As with any of these services, word of mouth works best, and you have to thoroughly check out an agency if you go that route. But this is one great option for keeping your senior out of a home or extended care facilities.

There are many courses opening up now for the eldercare sector. Home care services, personal home care, senior services and more. My mother paid for a home care service company that came and did things like, cleaning out her eaves troughs, and cleaning windows and bigger jobs like that. It was still cheaper than moving into a senior apartment.