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Grant writing classes are a great way to learn about non profits and how they're funded, especially if you're clueless as to how to raise money. If you volunteer for a non profit and have a great idea for a community project, but can't figure out how to get the money, a grant writing class may be just what you need.

 Grant writing classes can be costly if you plan to make it a career. However, if you just want to get the basics down and try your hand at getting one funded then a class or two may be all you need. When I began looking for one I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to start.

I had never really taken a class online, so I began my search offline beginning with continuing education classes offered at high schools. I basically called them and ask about grant writing and they sent me schedules. This way I could compare prices, dates, times etc.

Then I moved on to community colleges and they had more to offer in the way of classes for adults. While they did have more classes they were also more costly. During my search I decided to pick up a few books on grant writing at the library, so I could study while looking for a class. I highly recommend doing this, it helps to know ahead of time what to expect.

 As I continued the search I learned about grant writing workshops and seminars. Some of them cost thousands of dollars! I had no idea grant writing could be so expensive. Of course, you had to travel to do this, so I couldn't do it anyway. The only one coming to my city was scheduled six months away and this seemed too long to wait.

The grant writing classes at the high school started sounding pretty good after my findings during research. There was the option to look online, but at the time I was totally computer illiterate and didn't think I could do it.

A month or so passed and I decided to look online and see how grant writing classes were structured and what the cost would be. The classes weren't done in real time, but instead had certain days that lessons were made available.

Some of the places I checked out were,, and Ed2go. The cost varied from $79 to $100. Ed2go had the best price, so I decided to go with them and as it turns out online grant writing classes weren't as hard as I thought.

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