If you ever stumbled upon the word "grant" on the internet and you never quite knew what it was referring to, well take a comfy seat for you are about to find out.

Grants are sums of money that are given as a financial assistance for a given individual if that individual has what it takes to qualify for it. The grant is given away through charities and they are offered as an award or as a gift, so the person entitled for it will not have to pay that money back.

You can receive them in many cases, depending on your problems. If you have any financial needs let's say for paying your child's school, paying for the Christmas tree or for the support of your family, you can qualify for this kind of money. There are situations, let's say when you trouble paying for something that you found out you don't quite need and you don't have the money to pay it; in this case you will be offered a one off grant to pay for that certain object. But it's better to have something you really need so that the possibility of receiving a grant would also increase. No one likes to pay for someone else's debts that include items bought out of whims or carelessness without thinking about their real use. There are also types of grants that cover up your school or the master courses you are taking for personal career development.

In the world there are literally thousands of charities that give up these sums of money to people who qualify for them. Most of these agencies will help people with problems that ring as close as: different types of disabilities or diseases, living in a certain area of the United Kingdom, having a specific age (people over 21 or children, etc), faiths, nationalities and so on.

Even though most of these agencies will have strict rules if you want to qualify for their services, there are some though which are open for everyone. What this basically translates to, is that the only requirement you will be needing to fulfill is that of a person who is in need for money.

In the present, there are many charities which devote their activity to individuals that have previously worked in certain domains or industries so if you worked in the past then you're good to go.