What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a type of art - often a visual process that is converted into printed communication. When people have ideas that can be projected into print, this could be in the form of a website with different pictures and text, a logo, or an image with the "right" color combination. Whatever it may be, the resulting product is a manifestation of one's creative idea.

Wherever you look, you will find something that is the product of graphic design. For example, this may include the pattern on the wallpaper in your home, the picture on the cereal box you had for breakfast, and the design on your t-shirt. Without graphic design, the world would be a very dull place, with no inspiring color combinations, no illustrations, and probably few effective advertisements.

A good graphic design will be able to portray the correct message to anyone who sees it. The design will be able to speak without using words.

The Graphic Designer

Anyone who works in graphic design knows that it is a very creative profession that takes both imagination and flair.

Most designers will usually have a pencil and paper on hand, because they may have an idea that suddenly enters their head, and may want to capture the thought on paper before forgetting it. Many will find that different things give them inspiration. Most people who are designers are naturally creatively gifted and put this talent to good use.

Graphic Design with Technology

In today's world with the use of computers, graphic design is arguably a lot easier. There was once a time when a graphic designer had to draw all of their designs by hand, which could be a lengthy process. Now when they have an idea, they can use a computer to render that idea into a work of art, often at a higher quality. Also, by using a computer, it makes it easier to manipulate the image whenever necessary.

The Most Important Graphic Design Tool: The Mind

There are many tools that can help with graphic design, but the most important one has to be the mind. You need to have a very creative mind so that you can analyze thoughts and ideas and convert them into visual representations. It's very important that a graphic designer can take creative thoughts and make sure they are portrayed correctly, either through sketches or on a computer. There are many computer programs available that can help with graphic design, but at the end of the day, it all has to start with a person using their imagination to create the design and having the vision to make it real.

Example of Graphic Design Work

Graphic design is used every day for creating logos and signs. In fact, all sorts of businesses rely on the use of graphic design for their business stationary, business cards, website, and even uniforms, because they may have a logo or design on their uniforms. No business can really survive without this design function, as it's the only way to give clients a visual perspective of what their business is about. If you have a catchy logo or even a catchy sign above the door to your business, you will find that you capture people's interest in your business.

In addition, when a company has a product to sell, they may want to ensure that the packaging of the product appeals to people, so they enlist the help of a graphic designer to create the perfect design to display on the packaging. This may include certain images, colors, or text, as long as it catches people's attention and influences them to want to try the product.