Batman Under the Red Hood Graphic Novel Cover
Credit: Image Taken From the "Batma: Under the Red hood Graphic Novel" description page

Author: Judd Winick
Publisher: DC Comics
Date Published: Volume 1: November 1, 2005; Volume 2: June 7, 2006, republished  August 30, 2011
Page count: 176 for volume 1, 192 pages for volume 2, republished, 384 pages
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Batman: Under the Hood is a Batman graphic novel by Judd Winick.  Black Mask has taken over Gotham’s criminal underworld after the Batman: War Games arc.  Now a vigilante calling himself the Red Hood is killing criminals and Batman tries to figure out who he is.

These are two very excellent graphic novel volumes.  Everything in it is fantastic.  The storyline is excellent, and the plot is very good.  The action scenes are nicely illustrated and Judd Winick knows how to write all the characters very well.  The story is intriguing and if you’re not into Batman comic books you’ll be wondering who the Red Hood might be, if you have read comics then you already know who he is.

Judd Winick is very good at writing quirky, entertaining dialogue and it’s a lot of fun to read the interactions between the characters.  The dialogue is very well written and very clever.  The dialogue between the characters is very entertaining.  He’s also good at coming up with excellent fight scenes and the ones in these two volume are some of my favorites to read. 

Doug Mahnke’s illustrations are very good and his artwork looks terrific, especially during the fight scenes, and there are plenty of them throughout the two volumes.  He is a fantastic artist and he shows off his talent in these graphic novels.  The illustrations are nice and sharp and you feel like you’re watching a movie instead of reading a graphic novel.

The flaws of Batman: Under the Red Hood come in some of the plot holes and the explanation of one of the major characters and how they became who they are and what happened to them.  It seems to come out of nowhere and seems rather silly.

Overall, Batman: Under the Hood is an excellent graphic novel with well written dialogue, excellent fight scenes and a very interesting story.  Not flawless, some major logic loopholes don’t make sense and seem silly, but it’s still worth your time to read it, and it’s a very well done series, it’s a must read for Batman fans. 

It’s a fun graphic novel and it’s very entertaining.  If you like Batman stories, you’ll probably enjoy Batman: Under the Hood.  Judd Winck is a great graphic novel author and he keeps the intensity going all the way from beginning to end.  The illustrations are top notch and the plot and the characters are intriguing.  This is definitely a good graphic novel and if you can find it, it’s worth buying if you enjoy the characters and the story arc.  The final confrontation between Batman and the Red Hood is worth the price of the graphic novel and you can’t go wrong with Batman: Under the Hood by Judd Winick.  It’s an entertaining ride all the way through and it’s a great story.