Interested in graphic design? Do you have a creative side in art, that you'd like to do for a living? Understanding graphic designer school requirements will fast track your way to becoming a graphic designer. There are a lot of different jobs out there for graphic designers. Magazines, publishers, websites, billboard, traffic signs, newspapers, business stores, restaurants, multi-millionaire companies use graphic designer to create a visualization of their product.

You don't necessarily need a degree to become a graphic designer, but it sure helps if you want to get a quality job. Graphic designer school requirements for a job usually requires at least an Associate's degree. Most employers won't hire without an a degree. There are a variety of good graphic design schools out there to help get the requirements needed. Getting a graphic design degree will help build a solid portfolio. Many local universities and colleges in your area offer graphic design programs for you to choose from. There are even online graphic design courses to take as well.

Graphic design programs offer designers to learn about visual arts, typography, page layout, interface design, printmaking, and chromatics. All the graphic designer school requirements that jobs look for in the particular line of work that you're interested in. Being a creative thinker is a skill required for graphic art. A graphic designer needs to be good with color text, have creative thinking skills, an have some kind of artistic ability. You'll also need a degree and education to help build on your talents. A degree will help you become more established for jobs and clients. There are a lot of competition out there, and being qualified is needed to be a successful graphic designer.

Graphic designers can work for companies, or work freelance. Graphic designers that freelance are under more pressure to meet client needs, and can work lots of hours. Even those who work with companies, tend to still freelance on their own time. There are lots of clients in need of graphic designers. Graphic designer school requirements for the highest paid jobs will need a bachelor's degree. There are some high paying jobs out there in the market, for experienced graphic designers with a degree.

Bachelor's degree

A bachelor's degree will get you an entry job right away. If you eventually want to get the high paying jobs, then a bachelor's degree is needed. Most clients expect highly experienced graphic designers for high paid jobs. A bachelor's degree allows a graphic designer to build reputable portfolio and provides the necessary graphic designer school requirements that clients and high paying graphic design jobs are looking for. Those with a bachelor's degree tend to get an internship, to help build a more creditable portfolio while in school. Studio art, Illustration, art history, color theory, liberal arts, principles of art, marketing, business, printing, and computerized design are the usual curriculum requirements.

Associates degree

Those who are looking to be an assistant to a graphic designer, the graphic designer school requirements needed for jobs are at least an Associate's degree. An Associate's degree can take about two years to complete. Some low-level entry jobs might be available for those with an associates degree. It's still possible to get good work with just an associates degree. If you build up enough experience, work, then you might end up making a very comfortable living in graphic design.

An Associates degree is less expensive, and doesn't require as much time. The cons are, more employers are looking for a four year degree in graphic design. A Associate's degree tends to focus more on one skill, instead of a variety of ones like a bachelor's degree. Finding a lot of work can be more difficult. The average costs of tuition in 2006-2007, was $2,727 for a Associate's degree according to American Association of Community Colleges.

Graphic design jobs

There are variety of different jobs for those with a degree in graphic design. Jobs can include animation, web design, logos, book design, magazine design, photo editor, brochures, product designs for businesses, promotional ads for companies, flash designer, medical illustrator, typographer, video designer, and creative director are some of the graphic design jobs available.

Skill set needed in graphic design

Graphic designers are required to have creativity, and be able to think outside the box. A graphic designer is often given deadlines that they move meet for their clients. A graphic designer needs to have a good business sense as well. Especially graphic designers who do logos, or art work for a business. Good communication skills are needed in graphic art. You need to explain your work well verbally and visually. A graphic designer must be able to work well with people, and be able to adapt to change and demands. It usually takes a graphic designer between 2-3 years of experience, before they are qualified for higher tier paying jobs.

Salary for graphic design

A graphic designer can make a very comfortable living. What a graphic designer makes depends on the experience, education, and quality of work. Some graphic designers tend to start out from $20,000 to $30,000 at first. Graphic designers can end getting paid up to $90,000 a year, or higher even. According to a study in May 2008, the average wages for a graphic designer was $42,400.

Graphic design salary will determine what kind of work you're in. Level-entry workers tend to make around $30,000 a year. According to a 2007 survey done by American Institute of Graphic Arts, a graphic designer who is an owner, partner, or principal can make $113,000. Web designers, solo designers, and senior designers tend to make between $55,000 to $62,000.

Important info about graphic design online schools

You can get a diploma from the comfort of your own home. Luckily graphic design mostly requires a computer, and maybe a few classroom sessions. There are online schools for graphic design available on the web. However, make sure they're accredited programs. They must be accredited from The National Association of Schools of Art and Design. A lot of colleges tend to offer online courses. Contact local colleges in your area.