A lot of people are opting for grass seed, as opposed to the conventional way of planting a lawn. It is definitely a lot more affordable and if you have a lot of planting to do then you may want to think of going this route. I have done this many times just to fill in with great success.

I have also discovered that most of these varieties don’t require a massive amount of watering compared to something with a specialized root system. This makes it perfect for places that experience droughts.

How to plant grass seed

I have found that coverage for areas where there is lots of foot traffic or for where there is a lot of shade and I really can’t get the grass to grow. If you are not patient, then you need to get there really quickly because this takes time. You are probably wondering to yourself, where is this grass. It may take a longer than a couple of weeks, but eventually it will start sprouting up.

You don’t have to be completely pedantic with it, like you have to be with certain vegetable planting. Simply scatter it about. However, it is definitely recommended to have good top soil, proper fertilizer and the most important thing is to keep on giving your grass love and care during the early stages.

If you give it a good soaking in the first week every day, skip a week and then come back for the next few days, it really is not going to work out for you. So don’t be disappointed if things don’t pan out.

You will probably find that the only weeds found are those that were there before you sew the seeds. This is the huge advantage of this type of grass. So, make sure that you remove all of the weeds before you get started to avoid any frustration.

grass seed

What to look for - grass seed blends

Know where you are going to plant the grass because it could be sunny or shady.

  • Some grass is best suited to more foot traffic.


  • You will have species that is appropriate to certain areas so take note of this. The varieties will also come into this


  • If you have the choice between a varieties, which may be a Kentucky Bluegrass  blend, then go for the blend because there is more of a chance that the lawn will do better because all of the strengths and weaknesses will be combined.


  • Because a pack of seeds is really next nothing, in terms of cost, it means that you have to consider the best for your lawn. Don’t just grab the first pack that you see. Many people just look at the picture on front, but looks can be deceiving, so be very careful of this and make sure that you do all of your research.

Organic fertilizers - a trend or a way of life

So many people have gone the way of organics, but a lot of people are obsessed about every little thing in their life, and it can get a bit much. However, when it comes to the environment as well as the garden, you really have to sacrifice the couple of extra dollars. This is not something that you are doing simply to impress the neighbors.

Whether it is organic fertilizers for lawn care or something you need for your vegetable, it is definitely important to concentrate on quality.

In fact, I was having a look at a weed killer for the lawn, but isn’t this just going to kill the earthworms. Think about it? If we want to look after our environment, then we have to realize that there are no short cuts in life.


Are there pros and cons of organic fertilizers?

Yeah, definitely, let’s start off at the price for one thing. If you are on a tight budget, then it is not going to suit you. Some brands are not as efficient as the really powerful stuff that you put on your lawn and you have to apply more. This makes it even more expensive.

In saying this, there are different types of organics as well, so get to know about them first. If you use them incorrectly, then you could do more harm than good. Sometimes there is a lot more nitrogen in certain animal manure then you realize.

Vegetable gardens

Well, if you going to eat your veggies, you may as well start using the real thing. Otherwise, if you use chemicals you have to wait a couple of weeks until you eat the produce. Hey, the fact is that this stuff is expensive and that is what you have to face up to, but people are seeing that it is worth it at the end of the day. There are not many really keen veggie growers who use chemicals these days.

What about lawn care?

If you want to get technical, you will have to analyze as to where you stay and your climate because it all depends on the grass. Some people are happy enough with one application of fertilizer in the fall, but you should, in fact apply a couple more than that. You should apply a couple of different strengths as well.

Usually you will use a booster fertilizer in the early summer and then in the Fall you will use something else, such as Pro Start. You can add another handful of this a month later. Some people like to do a session of liming instead because this helps further with aeration. Again, here for best results it is a good idea to stick to quality fertilizers.

It is a sad truth, chemical fertilizers do the job, but they also run into lakes and oceans and they don’t do a lot of good in that regard. You may be killing a couple of insects in the process. Things like earthworms are incredibly valuable. These guys are working for you for free. They contribute to the aeration process so you want to keep them alive and well.