Who Would Win in a Fight?

Gray Wolf

Brown Bear

If two of these fearce predators were to square off who do you think would win? We will compare these two animals and overview a scenario of what might happen if these two creatures were to meet in battle.





Gray Wolves and Brown Bears occasionally cross paths. Usually, these encounters do not add up to nothing more than a few instinctive defensive manuevers shared between the two and they go their seperate ways. However, sometimes a bear may tread upon a wolf's den or vice-versa and a battle ensues. When these two cross paths and the right conditions are met, an incredible battle is fought. Both are extremely ferocious predators. The most optimal fighting condition would be if a single wolf stumbles upon a bear cub and the mother is nearby. This is the most fair condition as there aren't any other wolves around and the bear will instinctively protect her young. The wolf may have seen the bear cub as food and will instinctively fight for it. In this article; I will use the largest known gray wolf against the largest known brown bear and create an imaginary battle between them that I based on their predatory characteristics. So, which one will it be?

The Gray Wolf

Gray Wolf
(canis lupus)

The Bear

Brown Bear
(ursus arctos)


Height: 32 in
Length: 6.5 ft
Weight: 130 lbs
Speed: 38 mph


12 ft
Endurance: High



60 in
Length: 9.2 ft
Weight: 1,500 lbs
Speed: 33 mph




Moderately Low

The Fight!

(readers: You must use your imagination.)

A lone, hungry gray wolf hunting for food stumbles upon a brown bears' den. The den has one bear cub and the mother is nowhere in site. The lone wolf has traveled 20 miles in search for food; he see's the cub. The wolf's ears move forward, his tail sharply bends and he arches his back, lowers his head, and bares his teeth while trotting towards the cub. The wolf is mere inches from the unsuspecting cub when he hears a large rustle on his right; as he turns he see's a a large, intimidating brown bear;

The bear's eyes widen, it's ears firmly raised, as well as it's hair. The bear instinctively defensive for her cub, stands upright on two legs, opens its mouth ,bares its massive teeth and makes a loud rumbling growl. This makes her already intimidating size, that much more intimidating for the wolf. The wolf's tail sraightens outward. He loses focus of the cub as he turns facing this massive, angry bear. With the wolf destracted, the cub climbs up a small tree nearby.

The wolf and the bear are both in their defensive positions; while maintaining direct eye contact, the wolfs' ears lay back, he bares his teeth even greater and slowly steps backwards; The bear see's the wolf stepping backwards and see's this as a sign of submission; The bear drops back down to his all fours and growls an even larger growl. Ironically, the wolf see's this as a sign of submission or fear and immediately leaps at the bear at incredible speed and snaps at the bears neck.

The bear turns his neck in the opposite direction and raises his paw full of sharp claws and swings it right into the wolfs face.The wolf lets out a large yelp, as the amount of force in impact throws the 130lb wolf over six feet away and it lands on it's side. At this point, the wolf is stunned, his vision is foggy, and he can't regain immediate balance. The bear quickly charges at the wolf lying on the ground and raises his body again, with the intention of landing at full force onto the wolf to attempt to further immobolize him.

Still stunned, the wolf manages to curl his head up over his body and pull himself up enough to snap at the bears stomach. The bear growls in agony and anger, he leans back down to go on all fours and he grabs the wolf by it's neck with his razor filled jaws.

The bear pins down the wolf with it's neck still in his mouth; he then puts his claw on the wolfs torsso. He bites down aggressively at full force; the wolf makes a very faint grunt and the bear pulls upward taking a large piece of the wolfs neck with him. The wolf is defeated.


Rarely do these types of interactions occur. In fact. There have been very few recorded physical confrontations between the two predators. Nevertheless, with what little information we have regarding any confrontation and understanding the fighting behaviors of each. I can come to a conclusion that this would be how it would most likely play out.Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.