Half a century, sounds like a long time right? Well, that's because it is! And you need to celebrate all that wisdom and knowledge your special person accumulated over the years. There are plenty of party ideas for people half way to a hundred, and you'll want to know what they are so they can feel treasured! Not like a relic, but like fine wine that's been aged perfectly. If their aim is to reach 100, they're neither over-the-hill, nor climbing it; they're at the top! Like one of my favorite shows, they're the King (or Queen) of the Hill. But most likely, with all the fat inducing, blood pressure rising, cholesterol packed food in our society today, we're probably well beyond over-the-hill at about 35. But it's our job to make them feel like they're at the top, and here are some ideas that'll help you do that.

You can have a nostalgic party where photos are featured expanding the person's life. Now you might need to do some investigating to attain these pictures; calling a father-in-law if it's your spouse; an old friend who may have some extra photos lying around; or maybe even an ex-spouse to remind the guest of honor how much freedom they have. Either way, pictures should adorn the decor. Also music is a great way to control the ambiance. Find popular music that was around when they were young, and weren't able to appreciate like slow-style romantic Doo-wop artists, The Blue Jays or Don & Juan with their only top hit "What's Your Name". Also, include popular bands they might've heard while a teen like the Styx "Come Sail Away" or Boston's "More Than A Feeling". Let the memories come flooding in for the person turning 50!

Another great party idea for the guest of honor would be games. Games might be a surprise to people coming to an adult party, especially the person being celebrated, but a good surprise can keep that ticker running, so why not? One game would be to type a ton of questions concerning the special person, print them out and have the guests answer each question. They can be random questions like "When was my first hip replacement?" Or fun, silly theoretical questions like "How long till I need another hip replacement?" And, if you still have that Doo-wop music playing, karaoke is another good game to play. Be sure to bring ear-plugs if you don't exactly have song-birds at the party.

If you want to include the guests in helping you make this a memorable 50th birthday party, have them bring gifts that are along the same theme. If the honoree is a business man or woman, have them bring gifts they can use on the job like inscribed pens, picture frames, or unique looking paperweights. They don't all have to be boring though, you can give them business related entertainment like the hilarious TV series "The Office", or the classic movie "Office Space". These can also be great corporate entertainment party ideas. If they enjoy traveling, bring them seashells, foreign movies (with subtitles if they don't speak the language), or things that'll help them while away from home; an entertainment savings book, a digital weather station keychain with compass, or a satellite personal tracker, they'll thank you if they ever get stranded in a remote location! Everyone can chip in and make this a fun 50th birthday party.

This is definitely a milestone occasion and should be treated as such! Wish the honorary person 50 more years and have a centennial. By then we'll have flying cars, teleportation devices and time machines. You can go back and let the past guests know when that second hip replacement occurred and give an award to whoever got it right. Now go and plan a fun birthday party!