Spring is coming, and as the weather heats up, so will the grill! It’s barbeque time, folks. Of course, the food at your BBQ is important, but something tells me your guests will not be entertained simply by watching you slave over the hot coals. This summer, make your BBQs not just a meal but an event with these great backyard games.

1. Washers

I love washers. Heck, everyone I know seems to enjoy it. Combined with meat cooked over an open fire and maybe a cold beer or three, an afternoon of washers makes for some good old competitive fun. The washers set should be the anchor of your backyard party, and it’s fairly easy to make a set yourself. Every household seems to have their own rule variations, but that just adds to the fun. Tip: cover the bottoms of your boxes with sand for “friendlier” bounces.

2. Ladder Golf

Ladder Golf (aka Hillbilly Golf) is similar to washers in concept: toss two golf balls connected by a rope onto a multi-tiered rack. Each level of the rack is worth a set number of points. Make sure to practice a bit before the big day to get comfortable with a grip. You could certainly make your own set with a bit of time and energy, or you can shop online to buy great ladder golf sets like this one.

ladder golf set
Credit: dailygolfjokes.com

3. Croquet

Impress the neighbors and add a bit of elegance to your backyard party with croquet. This game, a bit like golf (albeit on a much smaller scale), is fun for all ages. Kids acting up? Take out those frustrations with a satisfying whack of a wooden mallet! Sets are easy to find at any big-box retailer and are really quite affordable.

Credit: wikipedia

4. Water Balloon Toss

If the heat is really getting to you and you don’t mind getting wet, water balloons are just what you need. You could organize a water balloon toss – pair up, throw the balloon back and forth with your partner, but for each throw, move back 1 step. With limited space, up the difficulty level by requiring players to hold one hand behind their backs, throw between their legs, etc. Have a prize ready for the winning team (a thorough squirting with the trusty backyard hose, perhaps?).

5. 500

This one is really geared toward the kiddos, especially when they’ve got some extra energy to run off. It’s simple:  the designated “tosser” throws a football or tennis ball high into the air and calls out a point total of his or her choosing. Whoever successfully catches the ball is awarded the points! Play to 500.

I don’t know about you but I’m excited to fire up the grill and invite some family and friends over for an enjoyable Saturday afternoon. Try out these great backyard games and let the fun ensue. Good luck, and thanks for reading!