Bathroom signs can work for a dorm room or for a bathroom. When embarking on the college journey one thing to keep in mind is that wall space and floor space is at a premium and bathroom signs for the dorm room are a vital part decorating and personalizing your space. Dorm room bathrooms are often shared by two dorm units or more, usually accommodating the needs of four to six people (or more). Bathroom signs for the dorm room can help personalize your space or help keep things moving in the right direction.

If you are sharing a bathroom with others perhaps one sign that's the first order of business might be the "Occupied" sign or some derivation thereof. Privacy in dorm rooms can be not unlike silver or gold, quite valuable and hard to come by.

Adorn the free space in your bathroom by decorating it with aspects of the college life that you find particularly endearing, amusing, annoying or just plain wrong. Just as life is the medium for comedians, so the college experience can be your medium for decorating in the dorm room or the dorm bathroom. Drinking, cafeteria food, stodgy professors, the evil tripod of balancing work, class loads, and a social life, late nights, early mornings, malfunctioning washers and dryers, malfunctioning fire alarms, uncomfortable mattresses, noisy neighbors or snoring roommates, midnight pranks and more can be immortalized in what you select in your bathroom signage.

Many websites and stores are dedicated to humor of the inane, and such signage can be a good use of bathroom wall space. Common bathroom signs for the dorm include, "Drunk Student Xing," reminders for women to remain seated and men to stand closer, signs referring to mandatory and optional clothing, signs discouraging the use of unisex bathrooms as co-ed bathrooms and plenty of other tips to maintain proper hygiene and proper privacy.

Be continually on the look out for signs that you find funny or practical, whether these are in stores, on the internet, real misprinted signs or Photoshop edited, whether they are crude, funny or quirky just be sure they reflect the individuality of your personality. If sharing a dorm room bathroom though keep some things in mind. Whatever you add to the dorm bathroom including bathroom signs for the dorm room need to be removed at the end of the year, so be sure that any changes you make are temporary or reversible.