Great Berkley Fishing Rods

Most people purchase one or 2 fishing rods, and allow them to last nearly their entire career in the sport; however, there are many reasons why one would choose to purchase another one. Berkley fishing rods offer great choices when the time comes to make a purchase of some new gear. However, with a ton of series' and models to choose from, it may be quite difficult to select which of the Berkley fishing rods suit your wants and needs best. This article lists and describes the top 5 series' in regards to Berkley fishing rods; use this information effectively, and you will be able to make an educated decision that will allow you to be fully satisfied with your purchase.

Air IM8 Berkley Fishing Rods

These are definitely the most pleasing models out of all that are featured in this article in regards to price; they cost $99, which can be deemed as affordable by many people. These models of Berkley fishing rods are constructed of graphite, and are lightweight for that reason. This decrease in weight allows for more control over your cast and pitch. When you have more control, you are bound to catch bigger, and better species! The combination of this low price, and decreased weight literally make the models within this series considered as the perfect storm in regards to this sport!

Amp Berkley Fishing Rods

Although the models in this series may contain less features in comparison to the other series', the price tag that these Berkley fishing rods carry is much smaller! With a number like $29 being written on their price tag, these can be considered as affordable by nearly anybody! People may think that these models are of cheaper quality since they have a cheaper price tag; however, they merely do not contain the unnecessary features that the other models contain. The models from this series are lighter, and faster than any others; moreover, this leads to increased sensitivity, which leads to bigger and better catches.

Cherrywood Berkley Fishing Rods

This series tops the list of inexpensive models of Berkley fishing rods; however, that is definitely not a reflection of the quality of these models. They have been a consumer favorite for many years, and are one of the longest standing series' within this brand name. In addition to its great price, this model also includes a Chromium guide system that is much faster, stronger, and lighter than those that are found in the other models that are featured in this articles. The Cherrywood models are also offered in lengths that range from 5 and a half feet to 7 feet. Obviously each individual has their own unique preference for the rod length that they prefer; however, nearly every individual will be able to purchase a model with a length that suits them perfectly.

Cobalt Fire Berkley Fishing Rods

This series of models represents the middle class in regards to their price range and quality of Berkley fishing rods. They carry a sub-par price tag of less than $80. Although these models were designed to specifically be used with saltwater baits, they will serve useful with nearly any types of bait, and in any type of water. The Berkley fishing rods in this series can also be purchased to match the actions that you are going to be performing; for instance, you can purchase one specifically for spinning or casting. They are generally longer than the rest of the models within this article; being available from 6 and a half feet to 8 feet limits the amount of consumers that these models will suit. However, if you like a longer than usual rod, this should be your prime choice!

Glowstik Berkley Fishing Rods

A glow stick was an item that was used in nightclubs in the 1990's; however, this series of Berkley fishing rods is definitely not based on a trend like the original glow sticks were. The amazingly unique feature about these models is that the blank can be activated to glow during the night! Many people find themselves bringing flashlight, and spotlights when they decide to participate in this sport during the night; however, the purchase of one of the models within this series will eliminate the need to bring any of these. Simply cast your line into the body of water, activate the glowing effect in the rod, and catch as many species as your time will allow!

An individual that decides to purchase some new gear for their favourite sport will be faced with the task of having to select which brand and model suits them the best. However, with literally hundreds of models being available, this task may be seemingly difficult. Berkley fishing rods are definitely the cream of the crop in the fishing gear industry; however, with many series' and models to choose from, it may become a task in itself. This article lists the 5 most popular series within this brand name. All of these Berkley fishing rods offer great features in their models for an astonishing price. Use this information to make an educated decision, and purchase the best possible model to suit your wants and needs.