Great Borla Exhaust Systems

There are many great brands in the market of car mufflers; however, Borla exhaust systems has maintained its spot at the top of that list since it had hit the market. They have done so through a variety of means; however, it is mainly because they offer products that are light, durable, reliable, loud, smooth sounding, and relatively inexpensive. The fact of the matter is that all of the models of Borla exhaust systems possess these exact same features and qualities, so what separates the good ones from the best ones. The answer to this question is the degree of these qualities and features that the models possess. This article breaks down all of the Borla exhaust systems into sub-categories, and then further lists the most popular models in each sun-category. Use this information effectively, and you will surely have the best smelling car in town!

XR-1 Long Tube Headers As Great Borla Exhaust Systems

Although the headers are the most overlooked piece of pipes that people use to enhance their car, they play one of the most important roles. No matter how big your axle back pipes are, they will only be able to receive as much air as the headers will allow them to. These XR-1 long tube headers are one of the most important pieces of Borla exhaust systems that you will be able to purchase as a common consumer. They are designed in a nearly flawless manner that allows them to distribute the air that the engine produces in an almost perfectly even manner, and ultimately produce one of the best sounds that you will hear.

XR-1 Collector Mufflers As Great Borla Exhaust Systems

The unique thing about collector mufflers is that they are designed to produce the maximum amount of horsepower, the best fuel efficiency, and ultimately the most attractive sound. Although these features may come with a slightly higher price tag, it will be warranted because you will receive one of the top notch pieces of Borla exhaust systems that are available on the market. One of the greatest features of the models that are featured in this series is that they are simply built to last; they will nearly outlast the life of your vehicle.

XR-1 Sportsman Racing Mufflers As Great Borla Exhaust Systems

While being offered in round, oval, and offset styles, these racing mufflers are of the best in their class. They are literally the backbone of the Borla exhaust systems that you will currently find on the market. The models that they offer through this series are very durable, attractive, increase horsepower significantly, and are relatively inexpensive. This has allowed them to be one of the top sellers in their class, as well as within their brand name. If you are looking for an inexpensive upgrade that is entirely worth it, models from the Sportsman series will definitely do you well.

XR-1 Multi Core Racing Mufflers As Great Borla Exhaust Systems

Although the models in this series are only offered in the round and oval shapes, they are available for nearly every make and model of vehicle on the market. This allows them to be a top choice in the wide range of Borla exhaust systems. The majority of the models within this series will run you up about $350, which is a relatively small price to pay for the equipment that you will be receiving, and the amount of time that it will last. With models that are as large as 4" round, these are definitely the choice of people that care about performance!

XR-1 Hooter's Slim Line Mufflers As Great Borla Exhaust Systems

If there is one thing about the models in this series that allows them to stand out from the rest that are featured in this article, it is definitely the quality and durability of the materials that are used to make them. These Borla exhaust systems are made from stainless steel that has been deemed as aircraft quality. It uses the oval style, while offering a rather slim profile; this allows for it to be deemed as one of the most innovative pieces of equipment to hit the current market.

When it comes to the topic of Borla exhaust systems you will be faced with the problem of having to choose between many great models. It is the degree of the features and qualities that each model possesses that allows the good ones to be separated from the best ones. Use the information that is provided in this article about Borla exhaust systems to help you to make an educated decision, and ultimately purchase the model that will allow your car to produce one of the best sounds that you have ever heard.