If you're a college student who needs some extra cash but doesn't want to go the usual route of waiting tables then consider starting one of the many great business ideas that are available. Not only will it be a good resume-booster for your post-college career but it could become so lucrative that you don't even need to look for a job later on. The ideas are widespread and varied.

One of the consistently reliable business ideas for young people is to start a lawn mowing or landscaping business. The bigger your college town the better. The biggest expense would come right at the beginning with the purchase of professional lawn mowers and trimmers, but once you've got those in place you're ready to roll in some serious profits. If you have the right equipment you should be able to knock out at least five to ten large lawns per day, and at $25-$50 a pop you can see how this adds up to some serious extra spending cash. Even if you just did it on the weekends it would really take a large chunk out of your tuition and housing expenses.

Another great business idea would be to start a late-night dessert and snack delivery business. College students are notorious for late night cram sessions that require the fuel that only carbs and sugar can bring, so why not target this market with your own service? It would be easy to set up a phone number, rent a small space in town, and hang up flyers on every door and kiosk in site. You'd probably need a helper to answer the phone, take orders, and prepare the packages, but after all is said and done I'm sure you'd be taking home a nice profit every night after close. Add in the possibility of a few generous tips and you just might have something huge on your hands.

Finally, I'd like to present an outside-the-box idea that might just work on the right campus. If you have exceptional taste and style then why not offer up your services as a style consultant? I could see this being a big hit, especially for young men who want to look good but just don't have the sense of style to bring it all together. For an hourly fee you could make wardrobe recommendations, offer hairstyle tips, and even give advice on how to look and feel more confident. I know I could have used help in this department when I was in college and I'm sure lots of other students feel the same way.

The list could go on and on, but the bottom line is that you need to find a business idea that perfectly meshes both your skills and your interests. Not only will you generate some much-needed cash on the side but you might just have a thriving business on your hands after graduation.