Great Camping Foods - Here Are Some Camping Foods You Can Enjoy

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Why Is Food So Popular When Camping?

Eating food together has been a means to relax and enjoy other people company for as long as history is recorded.

Feasts are times where friends enjoy conversation and share stories about life.

Camping is no exception. Part of the excitement and joy that comes from camping is eating food.

Because it is so engraved in our minds that food is apart of any adventure or fun vacation, camping is a great time to make food over an open fire or portable grill.

What Foods Are Popular

There are certain foods that are more poplar then others when out on the camp site.

Also, there is a sense of what is exciting to make over an open fire. Some foods are impossible to make when camping while others have become famous to make from camping.

Here are some foods that are popular to make when camping.

S'mores - S'mores is probably one of the most famous and popular camping meals. A s'more is graham crackers, marshmallow, chocolate bar all put together and heated over the open fire.

The marshmallow gets all gooey on top of the chocolate and two graham crackers. It is one of my personal favorites.

Hotdogs - Hotdogs are very easy and fun to make over an open fire. It is fun to take a hotdog and put it on a long thin stick and roast it over an open fire.

Take it off and put it on a bun. Add some mustard and ketchup and it becomes and American classic. Make sure you have the right wheeled cooler.

Eggs and Bacon - Nothing smells better than bacon in the morning. And nothing tastes better on an outdoor adventure than bacon and eggs cooked over a camp fire.

All you need is some eggs, bacon, a metal frying pan, and a roaring camp fire. They are eaten by themselves or together.

Add bread can add a little something extra. Brew some coffee and you have a great meal for your camp ground.

Poor Boys Meal - I am sure it has many names, but this is one of my favorites. You take some ground beef, potatoes. onions, peppers, carrots, and anything else you want to throw in there.

Ad salt, pepper, and Worcestershire sauce and wrap it all up in tin foil. Cook that on the fire for a few hours and you have the tastiest meal around.

When Foods are the Best

There are certain times of the camping trips when the foods are the best. Hopefully here, we have covered them all.

Starting in the morning, bacon and eggs are a must, No doubt that the morning is set.

Next, the lunch is a perfect time for hotdogs. Go out and find some twigs and go to town. Hotdogs are great anytime, but for our purposes, lunch is the time. This is apart of many camping activities that can be done.

After a long day hiking, fishing, and exploring, nothing hits the spot more than a hearty hot meal. A poor boy meal is a great fit.

It is easy to fix which is super appealing and is campfire safe. The tin foil makes this possible.

And for desert, the s'mores end this tasty day of camping food. The best part about cooking over an open fire is that the camping season and weather does not matter. Cold or hot is not important to cooking. It does make standing outside at night a little harder, but the fire burns on.

I hope this helps you out. If you have any ideas on favorite foods or just want to comment on the current suggestions, just leave it below.

Hope you enjoyed,