Championship Manager 01/02 was the final update of the series that still has plenty of fans. It includes many real players, most of which probably aren't now playing, that can play in a variety of potential positions. With a good number of players that play in potential positions you can reduce your squad size, which will boost the club's budget.


Selakovic is a Swedish international player who stars for Halmstad. The transfer requirements for this player are fairly minimal, less than 1m, but Selakovic is still a great player. The player can play in a variety of positions, in the center of midfield, or alternatively on the right wing. Or Selakovic can play further forward. With a finishing, dribbling and off ball ratings of 14 he will score plenty of goals. But his best ratings are for stamina, creativity and set piece play which are at 17, 16 and 16. Selakovic's passing, team and crossing ratings are also at 15. Selakovic should be a great addition to any squad including teams such as Real Madrid, AC – Milan, Barcelona etc.


Another versatile player who has minimal transfer requirements is that of Aristizabal. Aristizabal has played 56 games for Colombia, but is not a part of any club squad. Thus, the player can be added to your squad with a free transfer. Like Selakovic Aristizabal can play in the center or right of midfield, or further forward. With heading and jumping ratings of 16 and 18 he can score plenty of goals from the air. Aristizabal's finishing and off ball ratings are also at 14 and 16. Aristizabal has plenty of pace, with acceleration and pace ratings of 15. With lower passing and crossing ratings the player's best position is probably further forward.


Patsatzoglou is a defender who can play in multiple positions at the back, or a little further forward in midfield if required. As a defender the player can be positioned as a center-back, or alternatively a full-back on the right flank. If playing in the midfield Patsatzoglou can be positioned as a defense midfield player. Patsatzoglou's best ratings are for technique and stamina, which are both at the maximum 20. Patsatzoglou has tackling and marking ratings of 14, but both will likely increase. As the player has great stamina the full-back position is perhaps the most suitable position for the defender.


Monaco's Gallarado is a great AM midfielder. Although largely limited to the midfield, he can play in the center or on both the left and right wings. There aren't many wingers who can be effectively positioned on either side of the pitch. Gallarado's highest rating is that of technique, which is at 20, but the player also has great stamina and flair. With a long shot rating of 16 the midfielder can score lots of goals from the midfield positions. Gallarado also has set piece and passing ratings of 16.


Sylla plays for Celtic, and can play in as many as six or even seven alternative positions. The player can play as a center-back, a full-back, in the center of midfield or even in the forward positions. In a 4 – 4 – 2 soccer formation that's several positions. Most of Sylla's ratings are 10 +, and the highest are technique, stamina and team play which are at 18, 17 and 17. The player's flair and pace ratings are also at 15 and 14. Overall, the best positions for this player are probably those of defense midfield center and full-back.

Those are a few of the great players in Championship Manager 01/02 that can play in a variety of positions. When you have other players out they can then fill their positions.