The playmaker in a team is usually a midfield player who plays further forward. The AM position is probably the best formation position for a playmaker. In Championship Manageryou can add a playmaker to your team, and the best are those with higher ratings for creativity, flair, technique passing and set-pieces. These are a few great playmakers that you could add to your team.


Halmstad's Selakovic is a versatile player who can play in a number of positions. As both a midfield and forward player, that can play in the center or on the wing, Selakovic can a be a great playmaker. Selakovic's creativity rating is 17, which few alternative players will eclipse. With a set-piece rating of 16 Selakovic will score and set up a few goals from free-kicks and corners. As Selakovic has a finishing rating of 15 you can expect over 20 goals a season if played further forward. All that's required is a 425k transfer, so most clubs in the top leagues can have Selakovic in their team.


Having starred in the FIFA World Cup for Brazil and Champions League for Barcelona, Ronaldinho is a famous soccer player. Ronaldinho is more of a forward player than a midfielder. However, with creativity, passing, set-piece and flair ratings all above 15 can also be a great playmaker. Ronaldinho's flair and and set-piece ratings are both at the maximum 20. In addition to this, with finishing and off ball ratings of 15 Ronaldinho will certainly score lots of goals for your team as well. Ronaldinho plays for Paris St German in Championship Manager 01/02, and will require at least a 7m bid. As one of the best players you'll likely find expect average match ratings of above eight. .


Alenichev is a top-class midfield player who stars for Porto. Alenichev has a technique rating of 19, and a flair rating of 18. Few can match that, and with passing and creativity ratings of 16 Alenichev could be a great addition to any side. With a 2.8 m transfer required most of the top division clubs can add the midfielder to their team.


Check out the Olympiakos squad and you'll find the midfield player Zetterberg. Zetterberg's best position is AMC (attack midfielder center), and as that's the player's only stated position is not the most versatile. However, Zetterberg has high ratings for creativity, flair, passing, technique and set-piece play. Technique and creativity ratings are both at 17, and with a 1.8 million transfer required the player is a relative bargain.


Titov plays in the Russian league with Spartak Moscow. Probably their best player, Titov has a 17 rating for passing which eclipses Selakovic, Zetterberg, Alenichev and Ronaldinho. Not the best with set-pieces, but Titov also has a 16 and 15 technique and flair rating.

These playmakers can score and set up plenty of goals for the forwards. Even if you don't require a specific playmaker in your team they are still great midfield and forward players. At least one of them should be included in your team and squad.