The wing-back soccer position is a variation of the full-back, except they usually play a little further forward. They are widely deployed on the left and right side of team formations with five at the back. As such, in Championship Manager 01/02 wing-back are left or right defense midfield players that are most suitable for the 5 – 3 – 2 formation. These are a few of the great wing-backs that you could add to your team.


Milevskiy is a wing-back who plays for Shaktar Soligorsk. At 130 k the wing-back is a relative bargain. This is a player who can play either in center defense, or on the left side as a wing-back. Milevskiy is a very fit, and he has a strength rating of 18. The wing-back's tackling and positioning are both at 14. This wing-back is also fairly solid in the air.


Rehmer is a German defender who stars for Hertha BSC. The player can play either as center-back, full-back or a wing-back on the right flank. This wing-back has a stamina rating of 19. In addition to this, with pace and acceleration ratings of 18 and 20 the player has great pace. The defender's marking, positioning and tackling ratings are 15, 14 and 15. With a team play rating of 17 the wing-back is also a great team player.


Encisco is a real bargain at 375 K. This is a wing-back who can play in central defense or the right-flank. The player has stamina and tackling ratings of 15. Although the highest rating is that of team play at 19. This wing-back also has pace and marking at 14. With a long shot rating of 16 Encisco could score a few goals for your team as well.


Everton's Xavier is another wing-back that might be worth noting. Xavier plays in central defense, or on the right as wing-back or full-back. Only four of his ratings are below the 10 mark. Among the higher ratings are positioning, marking and tackling which are at 17, 14 and 15. With heading and jumping ratings of 14 and 16, the defender should win plenty of headers. You'll need to place at least a 1.5 m transfer bid to add this player to your squad.


Roma's Candela is a top-class wing-back who plays on the left flank. If you can meet the 6.75 m transfer required, the player will a great addition to your squad. The wing-back has plenty of higher ratings such as 17 for stamina, 18 for team play and 16 for pace. In addition to this, Candela has positioning and tackling at 15. The player also has 15 ratings for passing and crossing, so could set up quite a few goals for your team.

If you're playing with five at the back they could be great additions to your squad. Even if you're not, they can still play as center-backs or full-backs as part of a flat back four.