Great Cheap Fishing Rods

As many people may know, the gear for this incredible sport can run you up anywhere from $30 to upwards of $800. Finding some cheap fishing rods are rather easy to find, and simply walking into your local store will allow you to locate them; however, it is the matter of finding some great cheap fishing rods that will meet all of your wants and needs that causes some confusion. There are a ton of brands out there that claim to offer you the best quality in regards to their products; however, be weary to the claims that these brands make, as their reputation and consumer reviews will reveal the real truth. There are however, some great cheap fishing rods out there that will provide you with amazing quality gear for a rather inexpensive price. This article lists and describes the top 5 brands, and most popular models within each of those brands; use this information effectively, and you will surely be satisfied with your purchase.

Calypso Cheap Fishing Rods

Calypso may be one of the youngest brand names that is featured in this article; however, their selection of cheap fishing rods are as inexpensive as they come! The models that are listed below are priced at as low as almost $20; the amazing thing about these models is that they will definitely provide you with absolute satisfaction. They are rather light, and extremely durable; this combination of features is considered as "the perfect storm" in the fishing industry.

Beach Comber $29.99

Mako MAK $22.99

Montery MINUTE $24.99

Salmon Run $24.99

Seahawk R2F $22.99

Cast Away Cheap Fishing Rods

What better name to choose for the casting devices that you use than Cast Away? This brand has a reputation at providing amazing quality through their products, and offering cheap fishing rods. If there was one brand in this article that could be described as providing you with the best bang for your buck in regards to the products that they offer, it would definitely be Cast Away.

Deadly Dudley $89.99

HG40 Titanium $79.99

Skeleton $159.99

Voyageur $169.99

XP 3 Series $129.99

Talon Cheap Fishing Rods

Although these models will cost you a little bit more than some of the other models that are featured in this article, you will be receiving products that have significantly more features than the others. These cheap fishing rods are designed to suit the needs of a frequent fisher that would put these additional features to good use; the extra price that you will be paying is definitely warranted by the higher class product.

Light Spinning $144.99

Midgar Fly $129.99

Cairnton $149.99

Hot Shot $134.99

Saltwater And Surf $229.99

Shakespeare Cheap Fishing Rods

William Shakespeare was one of the most phenomenal writers of his time; moreover, Shakespeare offers the most phenomenal cheap fishing rods of its time! These models are priced at a degree that can be considered as affordable by many individuals, and offer an absolute lightweight product that is mainly consisted of graphite. A graphite blank means that the model will be lighter and more sensitive, which ultimately means that you will have the oppertunity to catch bigger, and better species!

Ugly Stik Lite $39.99

Ugly Stik Tiger Big Water $59.99

One Piece Medium Light Action $34.99

Inspinity $29.99

Two Piece Medium Action $39.99

Okuma Cheap Fishing Rods

Okuma is definitely the most reputable brand that is featured in this article; what is even better is that their cheap fishing rods fall in a price range that is rather large. This means that they will have a model that can be deemed as suitable for nearly any individual whether their budget is $50 or $500. You can be sure that you will have a product that will last when it is branded by the Okuma name; durability and longevity is what they are primarily known for.

Guide Select $189.99

Salmon Spinning $74.99

Solaris Spinning Surf $79.99

Cilelo $39.99

Great Lake Trolling $69.99

There is a time in every fisherman's career in which they must purchase some new gear; whether it be cheap fishing rods, some bait, or some accessories. However, many people do not want to overpay for products that will not meet their expectations. Finding some inexpensive fishing gear is not what proves as being difficult, but rather it is finding inexpensive gear that is of top quality that serves as being difficult. This article lists the most popular models that will allow you to leave with a smile on your face, and a wallet that is full; use this information, and you will surely be satisfied with your purchase.