Great Classic Motorcycle Jackets

Just like many people respect a classic motorcycle that has been taken care of for many years, many people also respect and appreciate the classic motorcycle jackets that are related to those vehicles. It is not the matter of finding class motorcycle jackets that seems to pose as being difficult, but rather the task of finding ones that are fully worthy of the money that you will be spending on them that causes some confusion. This article lists the 5 most popular models in the industry that surrounds classic motorcycle jackets, as well as the most popular features within each model. Moreover, this article also describes the features that are possessed by each brand and model that have allowed them to be deemed as being great.

1950 Tomahawk Togs Classic Motorcycle Jackets

The 1950s were a great year for the release of motorcycle safety gear, as there were many models that had came out that were durable, attractive, strong, and well priced. However, the 1950 Tomahawk Togs were the most phenomenal release out of all of the classic motorcycle jackets that the decade had seen. They possessed a twin pocket style with a lace on the side; something that was considered to be an amazing thing on the safety gear of that era. These models now go for around $2400; some specific models are priced higher, and some that are in not-so-good condition are obviously priced at a lower range. The rarest color out of all of the trims that were for sale at the time was a creamish-white; moreover, these classic motorcycle jackets obviously carry a higher price tag because of their rarity.

1930's Colt Hide Classic Motorcycle Jackets

Although these models have a price tag that is much smaller than the 1950's model that was listed in the last paragraph, they are still one of the best classic motorcycle jackets. They are one of the oldest models to be featured in this article, and for that reason, they hold an aged value more than any others! All of the trim levels in this model are lined with a three pocket design; although we take the idea of having 3 pockets as somewhat normal in out current society, it was a rare commodity back in the 1930s. These models of classic motorcycle jackets will run you up around $450 on average; purchasing one will not break your bank, and will allow you to have a piece of history!

1930's Ladies Pistol Pocket Style Classic Motorcycle Jackets

Although riding a two wheeled loud and fast vehicle is usually thought of as a male occurrence in our current society, this was even more so in the 1930s! These models of classic motorcycle jackets carry sentimental value with them to anybody that has ever seen or experienced male stereotyping through motorcycles. These models were literally the things to open up the idea of women riding motorcycles. One of the greatest things about these jackets was that they featured the zipper pocket on the exact opposite side that the male models of these jackets had featured it on! This sort of symbolized rebellious notions, which coincided with the rebellious notion of women riding motorcycles.

1930's Horsehide With Knit Collar Classic Motorcycle Jackets

These models were a really significant release of the 1930's and for them to be offered at under $500 can be considered as a steal! They are definitely the most unique looking out of all of the classic motorcycle jackets that are featured throughout this article as their knit collar gives them something that no other models offer. They also featured a ball on a chain for the zippers that were placed throughout the piece. The 1930's were astonishing in the sense of many things including the classic motorcycle jackets that were released; moreover, this model will allow you to take part of that era home with you for a relatively inexpensive cost.

1940 Hercules With Pistol Pocket And Slash Zip Pocket Classic Motorcycle Jackets

If there is one thing that stands out to people about this model above all of the other classic motorcycle jackets that are featured in this article, it is the fact that this one has a cigarette pocket! This simple fact is just one thing that allows this jacket to bring back some of the many memories and stories of the 1940s. It is definitely not the cheapest model being offered throughout this article as its price tag boasts a $700 figure; however, it is a small price to pay for something that is simply so great!

There are a ton of models of classic motorcycle jackets that are available for purchase to absolutely anybody that wants them; however, it is the task of finding the great ones that causes some confusion. With all of the brands and models being available to the public, finding the great ones is similar to finding a needle in a haystack. However, there is a solution-being fully aware of those brands and models that possess the features that allow them to be great. This article does a great job at listing and describing those brands and models of classic motorcycle jackets that are worthy of every single dollar that you spend on them. Use this information effectively, and you will surely end up being fully satisfied with your purchase.