Couple photography is an ever growing niche for photographers. Whether you are a professional photo taker or a newlywed couple looking for some pics, here are some example photos of some great couple photography. Couples make good pictures and these should help invigorate your mind and allow you some fresh ideas so you too can take some great couples photos, even if you are just an amateur shutterbug.

1. Happy Couple Photography at Beach

Happy Couple Photography BeachCredit: Flickr/DMahendra

This is an excellent example of couple photography outside of a studio setting. An imahe liek this will be treasured by the couple and their children and grandchildren for as long as they live. If you can produce pictures like this on a regular basis for couples then you stand to make a lot of money as a photographer.

2. London Couple

London Couple PhotographyCredit: Flickr/markhillary

The couple is young, in love, and have their entire life in front of them even though it is uncertain. It's amazing how much we can decipher from this picture even though we cannot see their faces.

3. Sandy Self Pic Couple Photography

Self Picture Beach CoupleCredit: Flickr/mikebaird

Young, strong, and happy. Couple photography is self evident as an image that is iconic in the family photo album, or FaceBook album as the digital photo world revolution is completed.

4. French Couple Photography

French Couple PhotographyCredit: Flickr/Stephan Rosger

This couple has been through alot together, and here they are standing arm-in-arm during the prime of their life.

5. 300 Street Couple Photography

300 Street Couple PhotographyCredit: Flickr/Elsie esq.

A candid 300 Street style photo of a unique couple walking down the city street.

6. Urban People Photography

Urban Couple PhotographyCredit: Flickr/ donjd2

A very cool picture. This image was not staged by the photographer. It is always nice to see high quality 300 street style photography that was not snapped on the street but instead in other visual settings.

7. Muslim Couple

Muslim CoupleCredit: Flickr/muslim page

A truly incredible couple photography picture. 

8. Rainy Kiss Photo

Kissing Couple in Rain PhotographyCredit: Flickr/ClickFlashPhotos / Nicki Varkevisser

This picture is by highschool student Nicki Varkevisser. You can see more of her work on Flickr as well as at her Fine Art Gallery online. She is truly a talented and gifted photographer.

9. The Great Outdoors

Outdoorsy CoupleCredit: Flickr/Styro

The happiness of this couple shines in their natural realm, the great outdoors!

10. Feeding The Birds

Feeding the birds in the ParkCredit: Flickr/maveric2003

11. Dancing Couple

Dancing Couple PhotographyCredit: Flickr/Randy Son Of Robert

12. Tulip Row

Tulip RowCredit: Flickr/Evil Erin

13. Colorful Wedding Clothes

Colorful Wedding Clothes Couple PhotographyCredit: Flickr/Kevin N. Murphy

14. Bride and Groom

Bridal PhotographyCredit: Flickr/kitkatherine

15. Costumed Couple in Venice

Costumed Couple PhotographyCredit: Flickr/Alaskan Dude