It seems like everyone wants to dress up like they’re from the Wild West! Cowboy belts for men can be the perfect purchase whether you’re grabbing the last costume accessory or simply looking for something to hold your jeans up! They are completely functional as belts, and have a Western look to them!

The term “cowboy” originated in the early 1900’s and was geared towards men that rode horses around town. However, the term quickly became mainstream and was used to refer to anybody that lived in the wild west!

Some of the key pieces of a cowboy outfit were:

-light jeans that were tight on the man’s legs

-a brown leather belt with a large buckle on the front of it

-long and pointy boots that were used to hold the man’s feet in the horse’s stirrups

There are a ton of men’s cowboy belts available for sale; however, I’m not writing this article to try to sell you something. Instead, I am writing this to let you know what you should keep your eyes open for!

The Majority Of Men’s Cowboy Belts Will Be Made From Brown Leather

As I had stated in the first paragraph, men that rode horses were known to wear brown leather belts and boots. With that being said, cowboy belts are made from brown leather!

I think that brown leather cowboy belts serve a wide variety of purposes!

-You can wear them as part of a cowboy Halloween costume. Everyone knows that Halloween is about looking as much like a character as possible. Moreover, any men’s cowboy belt will complete your costume!

-You can wear it out on the town with a pair of jeans. Cowboy belts are perfect for men with the rough look! Whether you’re riding a Harley or growing a goatee...these belts can be the perfect addition to your wardrobe!

Some Key Features On The Cowboy Buckles-Skulls, Horses, Guns, And Horseshoes

Cowboy belts for men come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and colors. However, there are a few key items that can be commonly found on cowboy belt buckles!

Those items are:





These items are present on the belt buckles because they best represent what the cowboys stood for. Cowboys were about intimidating everyone else in the town, so the skulls and guns were used to serve as a threat for everyone. They also rode around on horses all day so the horse and horseshoes on the belt buckles make a lot of sense!

If you don’t believe me, see for yourself. Check out the variety of cowboy belts on might even get one for 50%-60% off of its original price!

There Are Also Dallas Cowboys Belts Available-The Football Team

Don’t get confused with the two different types of cowboy belts for men. They can be referring to the cowboys as in the ones that rode horses or the cowboys as in the football team!

I would highly recommend either type of belt (because I like the Dallas Cowboys’ football team); however, they serve two completely different purposes!

The Best Cowboy Belts For Men Are Equipped With Really Big Buckles

As I said in one of the previous paragraphs...the cowboys were all about intimidating the other people in the town. With that being said, bigger was better. Bigger guns and boots meant that people would be more intimidated!

I would highly recommend choosing any of the men’s cowboy belts with big buckles.

This is especially true if you are dressing up in a cowboy costume for Halloween. Getting into a costume is all about representing that person or character as accurately as possible. With that being said, cowboys wore belts with large buckles, so men that are dressing up as cowboys should wear belts with extra large buckles!

Be Sure To Pair Your Cowboy Belt With Some Cowboy Boots

What would a cowboy belt be without some matching boots?

Realistically, cowboy boots are the only footwear that is acceptable to wear with western-styled belts. The belts have a specific rough look to them that will not work with any other type of footwear. Try wearing the belt with a pair of dress shoes or runners and you will see how quickly people will look at you while thinking “why would he ever wear that?”

I am not saying that you have to buy any of the cowboy belts for men; however, you should definitely consider purchasing a pair if you are intrigued by this article. To top it off these belts are not very expensive, and can be purchased for well under $30. Whether you’re dressing up in a costume or a man that is heading to the Wild should consider adding a cowboy belt to your wardrobe!