What You Should Know About German Shepherd Great Dane Crosses

A Great Dane German Shepherd mix might be just the pet you are looking for, with its faithful temperament this dog is a great guard dog. This is what we call a designer dog or a crossbreed, since it is a mixture of two different purebred animals.

What is a Great Dane German Shepherd Mix?

As the name implies this dog is a combination of two parent breeds. This could be because your puppy is the offspring of two mixed breed parents, or because your puppy has one Great Dane parent and one German Shepherd parent. Either way, your dog will be a mixture of the characteristics of each of these two breeds.

What Do I Need to Know About Designer Dogs?

When you buy a purebred dog you know with some certainty how big your dog will grow and what kind of temperament it will have, since it will have been bred to strict standards. With designer dogs this kind of prediction is more difficult, because the dog will get different characteristics from each parent. This means that we can only make general statements about a designer dog based on what we know about the parental breeds.

How Big Will My Mixed Breed Puppy Grow?

Great Danes are famous for their size, and they are extremely large animals. The average animal grows to between about 28 and 34 inches and will weigh anywhere from 100 to 200 pounds. The other parent is a little smaller, though still fairly large. They tend to grow to between 22 and 26 inches in height and will weigh between about 77 and 85 pounds.

Any dogs that are a mixture of these parent breeds can be expected to grow to a size somewhere between that of the two parent breeds, meaning it will be smaller than a Great Dane but will be larger than a German Shepherd.

What Will My Dog's Coat Like?

Great Danes tend to be short haired dogs, with smooth, shiny coats. German Shepherds usually have mid length coats, and whilst they also have straight hair their coats are usually thicker than that of a Great Dane. Your mixed breed dog have short to mid length straight hair, with coloring generally favoring the beige and black of the German Shepherd parent.

Do these Dogs Have Coat Concerns?

A Great Dane German Shepherd mix is likely to be quite low maintenance when it comes to its coat. These dogs do not need grooming, trimming or styling, though depending on hair length they may need brushing and may shed, particularly when the seasons change. Again, depending on the thickness of the coat this breed may or may not need more protection in cold climates.

What Will My Pet's Personality Be Like?

Great Danes are very affectionate, they are also intelligent, patient and very good with children. They can be protective and make good watchdogs too. German Shepherds are very affectionate too and highly intelligent and trainable. As long as a German Shepherd is well trained he will be fine around his family's children. Your cross breed pet will probably be a mixture of all these characteristics.

How Much Exercise Will My New Dog Need?

This breed will be large and active and will therefore need a lot of exercise with a minimum of one long walk a day. These large dogs will probably not be happy in the confines of an apartment, and a garden is almost a must for these dogs.

Does this Designer Breed Have Health Concerns?

All dog breeds have some inherited health issues because of the centuries of in-breeding that have produced externally desirable breed characteristics. Great Danes tend not to live long due to their large size, and often suffer from hip and heart issues. German Shepherds may also suffer from hip problems, as well as blood and digestive issues. As a crossbreed your dog will be less likely to suffer from these ailments, however.

Is this the Right Pet for Me?

If you are interested in getting one of these delightful designer breed dogs then the best idea is to try to arrange a visit with a local breeder. You can also find lots of information in online forums dedicated to owners of this breed.