What You Should Know About Labradane Crosses

A Great Dane Lab mix is also known as a Labradane, and these docile, friendly dogs make great pets. A Labradane is what we call a designer dog or a crossbreed, which means that it's a cross between two different purebreed animals.

What is a Labradane?

A Labradane is a combination of a Great Dane and a Labrador Retriever. This may mean that your dog has two Labradane parents. It's more likely though that your dog will have one Great Dane parent and one Labrador Retriever parent, since breeders consider this mix more pure. A Labradane is going to combine the traits of both parent breeds.

Great Dane Lab MixCredit: Beverly Goodwin via Flickr.com

"Monty"[1] | Beverley Goodwin | CC BY 2.0

What Do I Need to Know About Designer Dogs?

On the plus side, designer dogs tend to be healthier breeds than pure bred dogs. However, it can be difficult to predict how a crossbreed dog will turn out. With a purebreed we can say with some certainty how big your puppy will grow and what its personality will be like, but with a designer dog this is tougher since it will get different traits from each parent. This means that we can only make guesses about a crossbreed based on what we know about the parent breeds.

How Big Will My Cross Breed Puppy Grow?

As you probably know, Great Danes are extremely large dogs. They can grow to anywhere between 28 and 34 inches, and generally weigh between 100 and 200 pounds. In contrast, Labrador Retrievers are much smaller, usually reaching between 21 and 24 inches in height and weighing between 55 and 75 pounds.

A Great Dane Lab mix is going to be a big dog. Though your Labradane will probably be smaller than the average Great Dane, he is almost definitely going to be larger than the average Labrador Retriever.

What Will My Dog's Coat Be Like?

Great Danes tend to have very short coats that are straight and smooth. Labrador Retrievers generally also have straight, smooth coats, though they are slightly longer haired than the larger parent and have thicker coats. A Labradane will probably be a fairly short haired dog with a straight coat that's smooth.

Do these Dogs Have Any Coat Concerns?

This mixed breed of dog is quite low maintenance. Their coats don't need trimming or styling, and occasional shampooing and brushing will be fine. These dogs don't shed too much, though they'll shed more when the seasons change and will need more brushing during this period.

What Will My New Pup's Personality Be Like?

Great Danes and Labrador Retrievers have quite similar personalities, both being affectionate, loving, faithful and great with kids. Labrador Retrievers are very intelligent dogs and enjoy being trained, whilst Great Danes make good watchdogs. Your Labradane will combine all of these traits, but like any large dog he will require good training so that you can handle him.

How Much Exercise Will My Pet Need?

This is going to be a very large pet, and will need a lot of exercise. At least one long walk a day will be necessary, and a second walk in the evening would be best. These dogs will not be happy living in an apartment, and require plenty of space to run and play.

Does this Designer Breed Have Any Health Concerns?

Labrador Retrievers can also suffer from hip problems, as well as eye issues. The other, larger parent breed has both hip and heart problems, and because they are so large this breed does not generally live very long. Both breeds are more susceptible to cancer than other breeds of dog. As a crossbreed your dog will probably be healthier than a purebred, but you'll need to keep an eye open for signs of any of the above ailments.

How Do I Know if this Dog Cross Breed is Right for Me?

A Labradane is a great family pet since they love children, but these dogs do need a lot of exercise and are not happy in small spaces. If you're interested in getting a Great Dane Labrador mix you should call a breeder to try to arrange a visit. You may also want to find Labradane forums online to get more information about living with this breed of dog.