What You Should Know About Daniff Crosses

A Great Dane Mastiff mix may also be called a Daniff, and these dogs are gentle giants that are great watchdogs too. A Daniff is what is referred to as a designer dog or a crossbreed which means that it's a mix between two different purebred animals.

What is a Daniff?

A Daniff is a cross between a Great Dane and a Mastiff, which can mean one of two things. Either a Daniff is the puppy of two other Daniffs, or is the offspring of one Great Dane parent and one Mastiff parent. This will depend on what your breeder prefers. But a Daniff will combine the qualities of both parent breeds.

What Do I Need to Know About Designer Dogs?

On the plus side, designer dogs tend to be healthier than purebred dogs. On the negative side, they are much harder to predict. With a purebred it is easy to say how big your dog will grow, for example, but with a designer dog it is more difficult since your dog will inherit different characteristics in different amounts from each parent. Therefore we can only give you generalisations about how your dog will turn out.

How Big Will My Puppy Grow?

Great Danes and Mastiffs are both very large dogs. Great Danes are well known for their size and usually grow to between 28 and 34 inches in height and between 100 and 200 pounds in weight. Mastiffs are heavy dogs, and usually grow to between 27 and 33 inches and weigh anywhere from 150 pounds to well over 200 pounds.

Because both parent breeds are large, heavy dogs it is therefore certain that a Great Dane Mastiff mix will also be very large indeed.

What Will My Dog's Coat Be Like?

Great Danes and Mastiffs have very similar coats, both being short haired dogs with sleek, shiny coats. Some Mastiffs have a wavy pattern to their coat. Because of this your puppy will almost definitely be a short haired dog with a smooth coat.

Does this Cross Breed Have Any Coat Concerns?

Daniffs are very low maintenance dogs when it comes to their coats. They do not require trimming or styling, and only minimal brushing is necessary, though their coats should be shampooed occasionally. Because this is a short haired breed you may need to outfit your dog with a sweater in colder weather, though if your dog inherits the Mastiff muscled frame this may not be necessary.

What Will My Dog's Personality Be Like?

Great Danes are generally patient, affectionate, loyal and excellent with children, they are also very trainable. Mastiffs are affectionate as well, and very defensive of both their owners and their territory. This breed is not well known for being good with children, and whilst not necessarily aggressive a Mastiff is usually not a good family dog.

How Much Exercise Will My Pet Need?

These large designer dogs are going to need a lot of exercise. These dogs are energetic, strong and big and will need at least one very long walk a day, possibly two. They will not be happy in small spaces and do not do well in apartments. Daniffs will be happiest outside.

Does this Designer Breed Have Any Health Concerns?

Crossbreeds are usually healthier than purebred animals because the recessive genes that cause so many problems with pure bred dogs are less likely to cause problems in the larger gene pool of a cross breed. You will still want to be aware of health concerns associated with each off the parent breeds though.

Great Danes do have a tendency towards heart and hip problems, and they don't tend to live very long due to their large size. Mastiffs are also prone to hip problems, but are a generally healthy breed. They do sometimes have digestive problems and it's recommended to feed Mastiffs three small meals a day rather than one large one.

Is this Cross Breed of Dog Right for Me?

Great Dane Mastiff mixes need lots of exercise and will be great guard dogs. If you're interested in this breed then try contacting a breeder and setting up and appointment to visit the animals. You can also find forums online for Daniff owners to get more information about these pets.