Extra large Great Dane dog beds are needed if your dog is going to sleep comfortably and quietly. Great Danes are one of the tallest dogs around and need plenty of space in their bed to feel comfortable and sleep well. Getting a Great Dane dog bed can be difficult in the local shopping mall, but fortunately there is a wide choice available on the internet. In this article we'll take a look at some of the beds and see what we need to be looking for before purchase.

Type of Great Dane bed

To give your Great Dane lots of space, a dog bed measuring 72"x55" should be ideal. Because of their weight, it's important to get a bed with a deep filling so that the dog can feel comfortable. Some beds even have over one foot of depth for the ultimate nights sleep.
There's quite a few different types of bed, but the main ones are the traditional deep filled bed in gigantic sizes and the other resembles a bean bag. Both are fine so long as the overall dimensions and dept of filling are good. Because of the dogs weight, a firm filling is needed in whichever style.
Most beds come with a machine washable cover and some even have washable cushions inside, but because of their size these may need to be professionally cleaned.

Dog crates for your Great Dane

Dog crates are available in extra-large sizes, and a Great Dane crate should be about 54"x37"x45". It's essential to get the largest possible and these are available on the internet. Many of their normal sleeping beds can go on the base of the crate to make them feel comfortable. Even when you have a Great Dane puppy, it's still best to go for the largest crate rather than buying them a step at a time in sizes. Crates can be easily divided inside so that a puppy doesn't feel lost in the space.

Other accessories to get your Great Dane

Great Danes do need to be kept warm when it's very cold outside, and there's a wide range of coats available. They come in many different colours and weights and you should really think about how cold your area gets when buying a coat. Most coats are fully machine washable, and many come with reflective strips on them which are ideal when dog walking at night.

Elevated dog feeders are needed for all tall dogs, and most come with adjustable heights so that you can alter the height of the food and water bowls. Many large dogs can knock these over easily, so try and get one with a good size base and ideally weighted so that it remains steady.

The easiest way to get most of these items is by shopping online, but just check how long the delivery is normally before placing your order. There's also a great deal of other information online, such as Great Dane forums which are a fantastic place if you have any questions.

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