Win her over

May the Best Man Win

When it comes to trying to win over that special someone a well thought out date can do wonders in bringing you closer and earning you much deserved ‘brownie points’. Forget the bread and butter game of dinner and movie because that only impresses pubescent school girls at best. Women judge guys mostly on their ability to engage and create enjoyable memories together. If you want to win a real woman show her you’re special and that you care by being different from the pack of guys who offer the mundane.

If you’re struggling to think of ways to impress the woman you’re dating fret no more. Here is a comprehensive list of dating ideas that are sure to her (and don’t forget yourself) a great time.

Every woman is different so use some common sense in finding something suitable for her. For that reason the date ideas are categorized by type

Artsy Fartsy - Creative and Cultured Types

There’s no doubt about it, women like a man of refined tastes and what better way to display this than doing something cultured or creatively stimulating.

Art museums: Great to work up her creative juices but be wary of the types of exhibitions they are showcasing.

Live bands: Head over to a cozy bar or restaurant with live music and let the ambiance entrance her

Wine tasting: Apart from getting her toes tipsy and her spirits soaring, the experience of sampling different wines together can be an enlightening and adventurous

Theater/Opera: If she’s especially artsy, theater might just hit the sweet spot. Find something that both of you might be into or else the boredom could kill the mood.

Save the Date - Social Types

If she’s into the buzzing energy of crowds then an event is the way to go. The crowd environment is a great way to alleviate the pressure you can get from an intimate setting. The focus is off each other (for the time being) and on the event making it a great way to relax nervous tensions from both sides.

Concerts: Find an artist you both like and watch how she associates you with a great time.

Comedy Club: Laughter is the music for the soul. Nothing relaxes the mood better than a good dose of laughter.

Sports Game: If you want to fire up some passion, competitive passion – then take her to the game, not just any random game – some team/sport that she actually supports, remember it’s not about you, it’s about her (for the time being).

Party: Inviting her to a friend’s party is a great way to subtly profess your interests in her. Welcoming her to your social circles is like the lava stage before meeting the parents. She will feel special and honored that you think highly of her and reciprocate by welcoming you to her circles.

The Great Outdoors - Sporty types

If you have some money to burn and health insurance then taking her outside urban jungles and into the great outdoors can do wonders.

Water sports: Water sports such as wake boarding, jet skiing, diving, or surfing can be extremely fun and liberating. The concoction of open waters and fresh air is like a potent aphrodisiac that sets your spirits wild and free.

Rock Climbing: If she’s a bit of an adrenaline junkie rock climbing can literally offer the cliff hanger experience. Get some lessons and start building some crucial trust by supporting her.

Skiing: Simply put, cold = free hugs, and yes who doesn’t like gliding down mountains of snow!

Take a trip: Whether you decide to hire a boat to take scenic views of rivers and harbors or you go on a road trip, let your conversations take you to places you never been before.

Outdoor Sports: Literally hundreds of sports you can do together, here are some fun or ‘couple-ly’ ideas that won’t empty out your wallet:

Go-karting, archery, bowling, paint ball, shooting range, doubles tennis, mountain bike riding etc.

The Great Indoors - Active types

If getting sun burnt, sand in your underwear or eaten alive by mosquitoes is not your thing then try something indoors.

Indoor Rock climbing: The less death defying version of outdoors rock climbing yet still a great trust exercise.

Ice skating: The perfect excuse to hold hands even though you might suck at skating. 

Social dancing: If you were one of the lucky ones with one left foot and one right foot then head out for some social dancing. Take some classes beforehand such as Salsa, Swing or even hip-hop, and break out some of those ‘hip-notic’ moves. After all, they say dancers make great lovers.

Others: Zoo, aquarium, driving range, miniature golf, bowling, laser tag, clubs etc. 

Green is the Color of Love - Nature Lovers + Adventurous Spirits

For those nature loving souls, nourish her soul with nothing but fresh air and sunshine, oh yeah whilst doing something cool.

Go Hiking: Get some fresh air and embrace the two most powerful forces on this planet, Mother Nature and Love.

Star Gazing/Observatory: Let your souls collide under the celestial heavens for a night to remember.

Have a Picnic: Simple yet fool proof formula for success. Magic rug + Snacks + Two Bodies + Place with a view + Stories = Successful date

Go Camping: There’s truly something special being with someone in nature away from the chaos of city life, marshmallow anyone?

Others: Beach, bird watching, swimming in creeks, walking the dog, bike ride etc.

Love is in the Air - Romantics

For the true romanticists out there, here are some ideas that will make her swoon under the moon.

Serenade her: If you happen to play a music instrument, impress her dress off by serenading her with love ballads, don’t forget the candles and flowers. If you don’t know how to play learn to, after all isn’t that the essence of the true romanticist?  Write her a song, a poem, whatever – just make sure it comes from the hearts rather than from Google.

Massages: If you’re at a more comfortable stage in the relationship and want to take it up a few notches, learn to give massages – especially aromatherapy oil massages. Most women love a man with strong yet firm gentle hands that can soothe her aches and pains, add some scented candles and relaxing music and you’ve created her an inner sanctum that she will treasure.

Hot air balloon ride: There’s something absolutely breath-taking about floating blissfully below the clouds with your love interest. Pack some light snacks, bubbly and create some memorable moments.

Class is in Session - Go-getters / Life Enthusiasts

Make it about ‘us’ by learning something interesting and unique together. She will always remember how she learnt to cook a molten chocolate soufflé, defend herself from bandits or ride a unicycle to work. Try some of the following ideas for classes:

Wine tasting, cooking, dancing (Swing, Salsa, Bachata, Hip-hop, Jazz etc.), self-defense (Muay Thai, kick-boxing, Taekwondo etc.), DJ-ing, language, acrobatics, painting etc.

Be daring and creating to find something that tickles her fancy!

Home Sweet Home - Domesticated Chilled Types

Once you’re more comfortable with one another try mixing it up with something low key and domesticated. It’s not always about impressing her with grand gestures the simple things can be just as grand.

Home Dinner: Never ever, ever, ever underestimate how many brownie points you can get from cooking her a special meal at home. Anyone can make reservations at a Michelin star restaurant and pay for it, however not everyone can cook a private meal to their special someone.

Board games: No as boring as they may seem – invite a few friends over and let our instinctual competitiveness come out

Movie night: Curl up on the couch with a bucket of endorphin inducing chocolate ice cream with a classic 'romcom' could just be the most chilled out date ever.

Get High - Adrenaline Junkies

No not the illicit type, more like the high you get from plunging 100 feet in 3 seconds. Anything that can create an adrenaline rush will make more than her cheeks blush – just make sure she doesn’t have a heart condition first. Here are some ideas to get your hearts racing and moments memorable:

Theme parks – roller coasters, sky diving, base jumping, bungee, paragliding, zorbing etc.

What the Park? - Quirky / Spontaneous Types

The miscellaneous category. If she enjoys the occasional quirky and random outing then try some of these ideas. Not only will she be surprised and confused at times, it will constantly keep her guessing. Unpredictability is like a yearlong birthday party – you never know what’s going to happen but it’s always a pleasant surprise. Mix these in with the ideas above to give yourself the edge she is looking for in a man.

Double dates: Find a close friend and their partner that you both know to keep the energy flowing and interactions dynamic.

Play the tourist: Get lost in your own city and discover things you never knew existed together.

Treasure/Scavenger hunts: Create personalized hunts for her to go on with special prizes at the end – kind of like the ‘Amazing Race’ but for lovers.

Role playing nights: Kind of like charades but you tend to lose your clothes after a while.

Volunteer: Volunteering your time to help others together is like a massive shot of oxytocin (the feel-good bonding chemical, A.k.a. Love). Try a soup kitchen or an animal shelter for some intense oxytocin.  

Make the Most of it

Well there you have it. There are literally thousands of interesting and out of the ordinary activities you can do together that doesn’t involve the typical dinner and movie combo. The key here is to be creative and unpredictable, but also be yourself – find things that you both enjoy instead of trying to impress her and be someone you’re not. There’s always something for everyone so discover what works and what doesn’t. Remember it’s not so much about what you do together but more about the process of getting to know each other deeper. So go on out there, make her laugh, have some fun, and make some amazing memories together~