Great Cost Saving Date Ideas

     As a young guy in the dating world, finding great deals for great dates  can be daunting, especially in today's economy.  You want to have a great time and woo your date but do not want to break your bank account at the same time.  You have to be a smart dater and realize there are great options out there for you.

     One of the best resources today is to sign up for the website LivingSocial.  This website will provide you great deals, discounted tickets, and other coupons for great activities right in your living area.  All you have to do is sign up at LivingSocial and you will soon receive deals on a daily basis.  Most times, you will have up to five or six local restuarants, activities, or events listed and all you have to do is select which one you want to take your girlfriend on.  

     Another great cheap date idea generator is GroupOn  Similar to livingsocial, GroupOn will provide you great deals on local events, entertainment, restaurants, bars, etc.  However, the idea with groupon is that it is designed for a group of people.  

     The two above websites will require you to shell out some money.  For those who want to save even more, you may ponder the idea of local festivals.  In most cities and small towns, there are annual festivals which offer great entertainment, local vendor exhibits, and sometimes local bands or performances.  Check  your daily newspaper's lifestyle section for local events and venue offerings.  Many times you can stumble upon great atmospheres at these festivals. 

     Additional great date ideas that won't break your budget are anything to do with the outdoors.  Biking, hiking, and picinics can be exellent ideas.  Any outdoor sport like tennis or mini golf can also be a lot of fun.  The key here is that these dates have very little cost involved because you and your date are enjoying nature or low cost activities.  It is you and your date that are creating the fun and light atmosphere. 

     The above ideas can be easily implemented in your dating life and will certainly help you curb your costs while still having a successful dating experience.  The effort put into researching these cost effective date ideas is well worth it.  Your bank account will maintain its level and you and your date will still be able to have a great time in this tough economy.