Executive gifts are gifts given to people of whom you are usually associated with professionally or ceremonially. Executive gifts tend to be formal in nature and are perfect as accessories or centerpieces in a professional office or as items on a desk. Looking for a tasteful gift for a boss or co-worker? An executive gift is going to be your best bet if you are to score points with gift giving and give a gift that keeps professional courtesies intact while still being gifts of quality and good taste.

What Are Some Executive Gift Ideas?

While the gift giving is always a very subjective practice, when it comes to executive gifts, there are some general ideas that may be useful if you find yourself at a loss and need a general or specific gift solution.

Below are some great executive gifts.

1. Desk Accessories - These are great for a person that utilizes a desk in their work area. Desk accessories, such as nice business card holders, nameplates, or even leather desk mats are great executive gifts. Not only do they carry with them a great aesthetic quality, but they also are very functional and give an air of professionalism. Sometimes, these executive gifts can be found to stick within a certain theme. For example, you might be able to find a business card holder that is made of stylized golf clubs and wood. A gift such as this would be perfect for the executive golf lover.

2. Cigars - These make great executive gifts for men. Usually cigars are reserved for special occasions and celebrations, but some men like to have a cigar once, or a couple, times a week. You can buy these individually or in boxes. Keep in mind, the price of cigars will go up and down according to the quality and manufacturer. Also, cigar lovers may have specific tastes so it would be in your best interest to do some investigation work before considering this executive gift.

3. Briefcases and Bags - Most professional people use briefcases and bags as a normal part of their daily lives. These can be of quality leather or synthetic materials. Modern cases are not just for work papers anymore. Most have some accommodation for laptops and electronic items. Make sure you find some cases that can provide some storage for more modern equipment. As an executive gift, briefcases and bags are sure to be a great hit and something that can add style and usability.

4. Personalized Accessories - This is an area that you can really add some flare to an executive gift. Giving the gift of a personalized watch, money clip, or wallet can be a great way to gift a professional gift that offers a more personal touch. Be sure to check with the retailer of your executive gifts to find out if they offer free customizing or personalizing. This could be something as simple as engraving the person's initials onto the gift like in the case of a personalized money clip. Be creative with these executive gifts.

Where Can I Find Executive Gifts?

Department Stores - These are great places to find quick and easy executive gifts. The gifts from these places might be more in line with personal accessories however so keep that in mind when shopping.

Office Supply Stores - This is where you will find some decent desk accessories and office giftware. They may have a section for personal gifts, such as pens and binders, so take a look and ask further when you get there.

The Internet - This is the best place to browse around for thousands of great executive gifts from the comfort of your home or office. Most retailers of executive gifts have an online presence and can easily ship their wares directly to your doorstep. Simply type, 'executive gifts' into any major search engine and you will have thousands of executive gifts from which to choose in seconds.

With the growth of modern professionalism and workplace gifting, be sure that you know where to find good executive gifts. If you find yourself at a loss, I hope you have garnered some ideas from the list above. There are many executive gifts to choose from, so don't feel limited to just a few gift ideas. Shop around and you will certainly find the perfect executive gift for your next function.