As you search for a faux leather oversized tote, there are several things you will want to pay attention to during the buying process.  Many satchel bags look similar, but some just might be better than others in terms of design, fashion, and practicality.  Take a look at some of the purses and handbags on the market today.

Manmade Materials

If you are not going with snakeskin, leather, or crocodile, you will be purchasing a manmade material of some sort.  Faux leather is much less expensive than the real thing, and in some cases, holds up better to wear and tear. While this will certainly vary depending on exactly what you select, if you shop around and good a quality satchel, you should end up very pleased with it.

Must-Have Accessories

There are some things you might want to make sure you have in any specific oversized tote you look to purchase.  The list below represents some often overlooked things that are nice to have in a woman’s satchel.

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Double Shoulder Straps: While certainly up for debate, many people tend to prefer the big hobo bags with two handles instead of one.  While some may prefer the style of the single strap, the double tends to be somewhat more secure.  In addition, many people like the ability to open up the handbag by simply spreading the two handles apart.  It’s just something a little more convenient that you might want to consider as you shop around for really good bargains.

Cell Phone Holder:  You will find these in many newer satchels on the market.  While not nearly as necessary fifteen years ago, these days, virtually everyone carries a cell phone.  Sure, you could simply put yours in an interior pouch, or even just lay it down loose, but it’s not nearly as convenient as getting one with the actual holder built right in.  It’s a good option to look for and they don’t add to the price.

Sunglasses Holder:  These are fragile and easy to scratch.  If you have a designer pair, you will really like having a special holder for them.  While these aren’t always in even the expensive designer oversized totes, they can be found.  Even in cheap large handbags, you can often find them.

Interior Zippered Pockets:  You don’t necessarily need every pocket to have a zipper, but it’s nice to have a few, just in case the tote gets flipped upside down at some point.  You can keep the items likely to scatter and make a mess in the zippered pockets, so they stay put, even if you flip your satchel over by accident.  It’s a good thing to look for, but as with just about anything else, it’s a matter of personal preference.

Sufficient Pockets/Compartments:  You want to make sure you have enough pockets and compartments to keep all of your stuff organized and clutter free.  Even if you aren’t the most organized person in the world, having pockets where you always put certain items will make them much easier to find when you need them, saving you a little time and hassle.

Lined Interior:  Having a nice soft interior lining on your satchel will help prevent items from being scratched.   It’s just a nice little touch that adds a bit of class to the ladies handbags.  While certainly not required, it’s something you might want to look for in a tote.

Exterior Pockets:  Again, a bit up to personal preference, but you might want to have easy access to certain things, which will be easier to get to with an exterior pocket.  Some people might not like the look as much and other prefer it that way.

Quality Hardware:  You’ll pay more for “real” metal like real brass and not base metal, just painted to look good, but it’s much stronger and more likely to last for years to come.  You’ll find you don’t have to pay very much more to get a quality oversized faux leather tote with real hardware included.