Great First Date Ideas-A Males Perspective

You can discover a lot about a person by going on a first date with them; this is why women base a significant weight of their judgement of a man solely on the first date with them. On top of that, women say that they have a good idea of whether or not they will date that guy immediately after going on the first date with them. With all of that being said, a first date plays a crucial role in the dating process; it can easily be labelled as the most important date that a man will take a woman on in the course of their potential relationship.

Upon immediate thought, great first date locations may seem like a fairly easy choice; you may be able to come up with 10 locations in only a minute. However, it is true that GOOD first date locations are easy to come up with; on the other hand, GREAT first date locations will take more thought. You might think that something as popular as going to watch a movie might be an excellent choice for a first date; but is it really that great of a choice? It's a dark environment that doesn't allow you to speak to your date at all, let alone in a normal voice; sure it is entertaining, but the entertainment is enjoyed nearly individually by each person...did you rethink your choice yet?

An ideal first date should be in a place that allows you to speak to the woman. It should provide entertainment in the background so that there is a topic of interest to speak about, and no quiet moments in conversation. It should cost a bit of money, but should not empty out your wallet. It should be in a well lit environment so that you can look at your date properly when speaking to them, and also examine their various features. And finally, it should portray an overall positive ambience so that your moods will follow.

Most people overlook these factors and simply choose the first location that comes into their mind for their first date. With the understanding that the first date plays a significant and crucial role in your potential relationship, it is mindful to keep these factors in mind when choosing the location and activity. I have used these factors and came up with a few ideal first date ideas that fulfill nearly all of the criteria; furthermore, most of these can be found and used anywhere!

Coffee Shop

Your local coffee shop may seem like the simplest place in the neighbourhood; however, the fact of the matter is that it is probably one of the best places to go for a first date. They offer beverages for relatively inexpensive prices, and most of them even offer small snack such as cookies or donuts. They are quiet enough to have a conversation in, yet have enough other people talking in the background to fill in those "silent gaps" in between conversation. The amazing thing about these local coffee shops that make them ideal for first dates is that they offer a drink that suits everybody's tastes; they offer coffee, hot chocolate, tea, and juice. Your local coffee shop meets almost all of the criteria that is listed above, making it a great choice for a first date location.

Dessert Shop

This choice requires a little bit more research, but is almost like an "upgraded" date location from the local coffee shop listed above. It meets all of the criteria in the same way that the coffee shop does, but it offers a wider selection of desserts and beverages; these desserts and beverages also seem more elegant than the coffee shop which makes going out for dessert a greater choice for a first date. For instance, if you order a coffee at your local coffee shop it will probably be served in a Styrofoam cup with sugar and cream already added; however, ordering that same coffee at a dessert cafe will get you a steaming coffee served in a ceramic cup with a cup of sugar, usually brown and white, to be added at your discretion. The only con of this first date idea is that some research should be done prior to see if the woman is on a diet, lactose-intolerant, or anything else that would hinder her ability to enjoy the night. Dessert cafes provide an excellent location for a first date, provided that the proper research is done prior to the date.

Casual Dinner

This is one of the most commonly used first date ideas, and for a good reason too. If you find the correct restaurant, it will meet all of the criteria that is listed above, and serve as a great first date location. The restaurant should have a casual environment rather than a romantic one; you should be trying to get to know her on the first date, not seduce her. The restaurant should be relatively inexpensive, but not to the point where service or food quality are sacrificed; you want to show her that you are willing to spend some money, but not spoil her immediately. The restaurant should also offer a wide variety of foods to choose from; this way you can discover what she likes to eat, as well as ensure that the menu offers something that will suit her taste buds. The more of the above criteria that you can satisfy, the better! A casual dinner is a great choice for a first date, just make sure to choose the proper restaurant for the occasion.


Nothing beats a fun activity! Bowling creates an environment that allows for discussion, teamwork, and competition. These three things are key factors for a great first date. Although all activities offer this positive environment, the lack of difficulty involved in bowling makes it an ideal selection for a first date. By choosing an activity that is easy to learn, you are nearly guaranteeing that you date will do well in it, which will create an environment that is even more positive! Bowling creates an environment that makes for an ideal first date, just be sure to let her win for some brownie points!

Carnival Or Fair

The availability of this option depends on the time of year, and the neighbourhoos that you live in. I know that most neighbourhoods have a nearby location that hosts a carnival or fair at least once every year; they are also sometimes held at local schools, so keep your eyes peeled. This option meets the same criteria as bowling in that it promotes a positive environment which is what you should be aiming for on the first date; however, this option has a wider selection of low-difficulty games, which makes it an even better option. If there is a carnival or fair available to you, use it as your first date location and you have a good chance at going on a second date!

Your first date with a woman plays a large role in whether or not you will be seeing them for a second date. Nearly any location will make for a GOOD first date; however, to achieve a GREAT first date, certain criteria must be met. The ideas provided in this article have been tried, tested, and proven to be ideal locations to go on a first date with a woman; use them and you will almost surely be on a successful path to going on a second date.