The winger is an essential player to any team that has a formation with wide midfield players down the flanks. They are attacking midfield players on the left or right side of the pitch. In Football Manager 2014 an effective winger will have higher ratings for dribbling, crossing, passing pace, stamina, fitness and team play. These are a few to note for your Football Manager 2014 teams.


John is a winger that can play either on the right or left wing. You can find this player at SLB B, with a minimal 650 k transfer required. As such, the transfer requirements should be within most top flight club budgets.

This player's highest rating is that of 17 for pace, and so will out sprint most fullbacks on the soccer pitch. In addition to this, with a 16 rating for fitness the player is very fit. The winger has a decent first touch (rating 15), and has crossing and dribbling ratings of 14.


Tadic stars for Twente in Holland. This is a winger that plays on the left side of midfield. Whilst you'll need at least 7.75 m to meet the minimum transfer requirements, it's a player with plenty of green numbers.

Tadic's highest ratings are for crossing, dribbling and team play which are at 18, 17 and 17. As such, this winger will whip in some pin point crosses from the wing for your forwards. With ratings of 16 for creativity and 15 for passing the player should set up plenty of goals from midfield. Tadic has a penalty rating of 17, so should score the vast majority of spot kicks for your team. If you can meet the transfer requirements Tadic could be a great addition to your squad.


Another left sided winger is that of Tabanou. Check out the Toulouse squad to find this player. To add him to your squad at least a 5.5 m transfer will be required.

Tabanou has plenty of pace and higher ratings for fitness and stamina of 14 and 15. In addition to this, the winger also has some greener numbers for crossing and dribbling. Those ratings are 15 and 16 which are higher than most alternatives. So, this winger could have a big impact in your team.


Portugal's Quaresma has played 35 games for the national team. This winger plays down the right side of midfield. The player stars for Besiktas, and a 2.9 m transfer is the minimum that will likely be required. That should be within the budgets of the larger clubs at least.

Quaresma has lots of green numbers. The winger's highest rating is that of 20 for flair. With pace and acceleration ratings of 15 the players no slouch when it comes to sprinting. As Quaresma has an 18 rating for crossing some pin point crosses from the wing should be provided. Dribbling is also among Quaresma's higher ratings. Whilst the winger's finishing rating isn't that high, with a rating of 15 for long shots the player could score a few goals from distance. Overall, this player should be a great signing for many teams.


You'll find this player at Al Sadd. This is a winger that plays on the right side of midfield. At 60 k most clubs should be able to meet the transfer requirements.

When it comes to pace you won't find many with a higher rating. Keita's pace rating is that of 17, and he has an acceleration rating of 15. The player's highest rating is that of 18 for flair. The dribbling and crossing ratings of 17 and 14 are also among the winger's greener numbers. With a balance rating of 17 the player will not lose balance often. These ratings are very comparable to wingers that have much greater transfer fee requirements.

With one or two of those wingers in your side, your team could pick up quite a few more points in the league. You can find them with the search tool, and then check out some of their other ratings as well.