Great Free Google Adwords Resource

When I added Google Adwords into my marketing arsenal in trying to promote my business there was not a great guide already source available to help me get started. There were plenty guide available offering advanced strategies, however not many from the mindset of an absolute beginner teaching me where to start and how this product could help my small business.

It has been only since I have begun to show and share some of my learnings from owning and operating a small business that I have revisited Google Adwords through the shoes of a first timer. It is only since doing this that I discovered a free tool that would have been perfect to me back in the day. This tool is produced by Google themselves and is called the Google ads learning centre.

This fantastic resource includes extensive guides such as "What is Google Adwords?" and "The Five Pillars of Adwords Success". There is also information that you can read through, including an introduction to the product and some general tips on how to go about starting and getting the best return on your investment from your marketing campaign. One section that I sell particularly valuable was the success stories and testimonials, letting me know that average people running businesses similar to my own had found success.

I understand at this point, that many of you have already visited the learning Centre and potentially checking out some of the free videos available. For those of you who haven't jumped ship just yet, I would like to share a valuable tip that has worked to me in getting a return on my investment.

This tip is to use negative keywords in your campaign. This applies when you are using a broad search meaning that your advertisements will display to associated words. Negative keywords tell Google not to display your ads when a specific phrase is searched even if the term may be associated with the keyword you are trying to target. Great example of this would be the exclusion of words such as free, second hand and used. These words can have a negative impact on your campaign as it is  likely that the people using these phrases are not looking to buy anything. This can help you save on wasted clicks and boost your return on your investment.

The take-home message I would like you to have is that there are many tricks, tips and hints ranging from intermediate to advanced available online. However, I suggest that you start with the Ads Learning Centre which can provide a foundation of knowledge to not only help you get started, but also give context around some of the more advanced strategies you would like to employ.

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