Turn your iPhone into a mini laptop

We all love our iPhones, right?  I know I can't live without mine.  However, one of the things I struggle with is the need to type on it.  The onscreen keyboard is fine for typing a few text messages or a quick email, but when I need to update a document or send a more lengthy email it's just not very functional.

Well, there is a solution - Turn your iPhone into a mini laptop with the iEagle Foldable Wireless Keyboard.  I purchased this last month and I absolutely love it.  This blue tooth enabled keyboard is only 4x6" when folded and comes with a very nice padded case.  The keyboard can be setup in just a few seconds so you can get right to the business at hand.  You can use the keyboard anywhere within 30 feet of your phone.  In addition to your iPhone, the keyboard can be used with a MacTM or iPad.

iEagle Wireless Folding Keyboard

Not sure where to put your iPhone while you're typing - no problem.  The iEagle Keyboard comes with an easel on which you can place your phone.  The easel is stored in the side of the keyboard but fully detaches from it.  This allows you to set your phone at the proper viewing angle so you can easily see your screen while typing.

So we've covered all the positive elements of the keyboard but what about the negatives.  The only shortcoming I found with this product is the keyboard locking mechanism.  Since the keyboard folds, there is a small button that slides into a locking position to ensure the keyboard stays flat while you type.  It is a very small button and it is inset within the keyboard.  You have to slide the button to lock the keyboard in place and it is not at all easy to move it.  I've had to use a plastic pen top to do this as I cannot move it myself.  I'm still hopeful that it will loosen up with further use and then I will be able to slide it more easily.  Until then, the pen cover works.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with this gadget and I would highly recommend it for people who have need for a mini laptop.  The keyboard is easy to take on the run and makes it easier to type emails, texts, or update documents on your iPhone.  The iEagle folding keyboard allows your iPhone to act as a mini laptop for a much more reasonable cost and is easy to carry along for those of us who like to travel light.  At a cost of just $99, it is a true bargain.  Check out the Apple Store for more information.