Fun Games On New Years Eve

Every year there are countless parties on New Years Eve. Unfortunately some of these parties can be total drags and ruin the occasion for countless people. The fastest way to kick a boring new years party into high gear is to gather all of your friends around and play a game. 


Sociables is a fantastic game to start a night as it evolves as the night progresses. There are hundreds of variations to be played so you can taylor your rules to your specific group of friends. You must assign a rule to each number of card in a deck. place the cards face down and take turns drawing cards. There are dozens of different rules to choose from and feel free to create your own. Here are a few commonly used rules

    • take a drink
    • give a drink
    • guys drink
    • ladies drink
    • waterfall: all player must continuously drink until card holder stops drinking
    • story time: players take turns adding a word to a story, first player to make a mistake drinks
    • truth or dare
    • captain jackass: all players must obey the card holder until another jack is drawn
    • servant card: this card holder is everyone's slave until another of the same card is drawn
    • remove 1 article of clothing
    • tell another to remove an article of clothing
    • rule card: card holder makes a rule that is in effect for the rest of the game
    • suck and blow: card holder uses their lips to suck the card to their face and then blow it to the next person who sucks it to their face and so on, the player to make a mistake must drink

Feel free to test and create your own rules as well.



Every player gathers around a table and begin to pound their fists on the table and they take turns adding a motion to a sequence that must be repeated. The first player to mess up must take a drink. 

This is a great way to stir up a lot of energy and get the blood flowing for all of your friends. The best time for this game is if you sense that the energy level is going down and there are people who are tired and may not make it to midnight.



Some Other Fun Ideas

  1. Have a Dance contest
  2. play twister
  3. sing some karaoke
  4. play beer pong
  5. Have one person dress up as the new years baby
  6. have everyone write their goals on a board
  7. Have a resolution draw where everyone puts in a goal and guests pick them at random
  8. Have the hottest songs of the past year and dance the night away
  9. Having a theme for your party will get everyone in a good mood and make your party memorable
  10. When midnight gets close pass out some sparklers. This will really get everyone excited for the new year.

Play some of these games and plan your party using a couple of these tips and you will be sure to have a successful party that your friends will strive to top next year!